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Send and Receive Funds


American Express offers electronic and traditional funds transfer services at competitive exchange rates for more than 100 currencies. Download a complete list of available currencies (PDF).

Telegraphic Transfers
Transfer funds quickly to beneficiaries. Everything is electronic, so it’s fast, simple and secure.

Bank Drafts
When Telegraphic Transfers are not an option, American Express can print and deliver to your offices Bank Drafts in 16 currencies.
Incoming Telegraphic Transfers
Have foreign funds transferred to your account.  Incoming Telegraphic Transfers provide fast access to your funds.

Cross Currency Transactions
Fund your outgoing Telegraphic Transfers in a range of foreign currencies.
Manage Risk


Gain control over exchange rates and cash flow when currency markets fluctuate.

Forward Exchange Contracts
American Express Forward Exchange Contracts allow you to secure today’s exchange rate, for when you’ll need it in the future. Using Forward Exchange Contracts allows you to lock in an exchange rate for up to 6 months.
Personalised Account Management
Each client has a dedicated FX Relationship Manager as their single point of contact. The FX Relationship Manager can provide up-to-the-minute market intelligence to assist in decision making.

Schedule Payments
Have funds sent automatically on a chosen future date.
Save Time Online


Your account is always available so you can easily manage and monitor your foreign payments.

Payment History and Reporting
Payment history is available with a breakdown on transaction status, currency and date.  Detailed information is also available on pending payments, which can be searched by status and currency.

Audit Trail
Important transaction information is available online, so you can keep track of everything you need in one place.

File Upload
When making regular payments, upload information in a variety of formats from your accounting system.

Payee Bank Search
Search via IBAN or country information to find a beneficiary’s bank details (e.g., address of bank).
Rate Alert
Receive notifications by email or SMS (mobile phone text message) when your chosen currency reaches a specific exchange rate.

Make recurring payments easier y pre-defining payee details and other transaction options. Spend less time re-entering data and avoid errors.

Transaction Confirmation
Receive detailed confirmations by email when transactions are completed.