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Travel Money Products and Services

Foreign Currency
Enjoy competitive exchange rates on over 60 foreign currencies, including the more exotic ones. Visit an American Express Currency Exchange store or order your Travel Money online with the convenience of over 3,200 collection locations.

American Express ® Global Travel Card
A prepaid travel money card available in US Dollars, British Pounds or Euro.  The GlobalTravel Card is available in-store at American Express Currency Exchange stores (excluding stores located within a Westpac branch). For more information about the GlobalTravel Card, click here. You can also purchase the GlobalTravel Card online.

Travellers Cheques
Protect your money by carrying American Express Travellers Cheques. They never expire and are accepted at over one million locations globally. If a Travellers Cheque is lost or stolen, American Express will send replacement funds virtually anywhere in the world, usually within 24 hours.
Order online now.

Redeem Membership Rewards points for Travel Money
Increase your spending power and redeem your Membership Rewards points for travel money.
Redeeming your Membership Rewards points for foreign currency is available at American Express Currency Exchange stores only. Membership Rewards points cannot be redeemed online f or travel money.  Find out more .