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Travel Tips

It is vital that you prepare for your trip to ensure you have a trouble-free travel experience.

Leave behind
- A photocopy of your passport, travel visas, airline tickets, insurance documents and credit card
- A copy of your itinerary and contact phone numbers.
- A copy of your Travellers Cheques' serial numbers.
- Expensive or expensive looking jewellery.
- Anything unnecessary, eg house keys.

Before you go
- Sign each American Express Travellers Cheque in the top left hand corner to protect
   yourself in case of theft or loss.
- Pack a copy of your Travellers Cheques serial numbers separately from the Travellers
   Cheques. See the list of locations that will encash your Travellers Cheques in all the
  countries you will be visiting.

Take With you
- Only ATM/credit cards you really need.
- An International Driver's Licence (even if you are no planning to drive)-it’s useful for
- An ‘in case of emergency’ card with your blood type, allergies and special medical
   conditions, along with names and numbers of your doctors.
- Travel insurance details and emergency contact details.
- Copies of your passport, travel visas, tickets and travel documents (in addition to the copy
   left at home), carried separately to the originals.

At the airport
- Never leave your luggage, briefcase or other items unattended.
- When you put your bags down, place them between your feet or against your leg.
- Watch your carry-on items closely when they go through security.
- Count your luggage each time it is handled.
- Ensure all luggage is in the taxi, and the door is closed before you get in the car.

At the hotel
- Get a safety deposit box for all your valuables, including passport, airline ticket, cash and
   Travellers Cheques.
- Never leave valuables in your room unless they are safely secured.
- Don't use the sign requesting that your room be cleaned. It identifies the room as empty,
  Request cleaning services by phone or in person.

On the Street
- Beware of anyone who bumps into you, spills something on you, asks for assistance or
  creates any other distraction that requires you to put your bag down or leave your
  valuables unattended.
- Women should carry their handbags close to their body with the fastener facing towards them.
- Men should carry their wallet in their  front pocket.
- Keep your Travellers Cheque transaction record updated and separate from the cheques
- Carry a small amount of cash or coins in a pocket so you don’t have to ‘flash your cash’
   when making a small purchase.
- If you use an ATM, don’t withdraw a large amount of cash at one time, and don’t let
  people see where you put it.
- Travel with a detailed map, and carry your accommodation’s business card; it is useful for
  communication with local taxi drivers.

What funds to take when travelling the world
The following is a general guide to the different travel money options by region. You may wish to take a mixed travel
wallet of cash, Travellers Cheques and cards. For guidance on which currencies you require call 1300 139 060 to speak to a foreign exchange specialist.

Travel Money Options
Region Cash American Express
Travellers Cheques
ATM*/credit card
coverage and acceptance
Africa Take South African Rand
or USD in small denominations
Take some USD TCs Limited (only in major cities)
Europe Take Euros or Pound Sterling Take some TCs Good
USA, Canada,
Australia, New
Take cash in local currency in
a variety of denominations
Take some TCs. In
the USA TCs can be
used like cash in many
shops and hotels
Japan Take Yen including small
notes and coins for vending
Take JPY TCs Varies (many ATMs don't function 24/7)
China Take USD or Yuan (currently
restricted to a maximum of
Take USD TCs Coverage is increasing
Keep all purchase receipts as they may be required upon exchange
South-East Asia Take local currency or USD in
small denominations
Take some USD TCs Varies (coverage is best in
major cities and tourist
India Take Rupees in small
denominations, but check
restrictions at time of travel
Take some USD TCs Limited
South America Take local currency or USD in
small denominations
Take some USD TCs Limited
*Before leaving home, check with your financial institution that your debit or credit card will be accepted in ATMs overseas.