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Identity crime is on the rise and can happen to anyone at anytime. With SecureIdentity you’ll enjoy a new level of protection and peace of mind, helping you to defend against identity fraud.

SecureIdentity is an identity theft prevention service providing around the clock safeguards including email alerts to help protect against theft of your identity by alerting you straight away, if your identity has been compromised, and includes the loss assistance services of Secure Plus.

 Annual Credit File – to help you determine that your credit history is accurate and up-to-date.

 Credit Alerts – ongoing email alerts to help you keep track of changes to your credit file, allowing you to question any unfamiliar listings and help you detect and prevent identity fraud. By staying alert can help you can track whether your identity has been stolen and is being used fraudulently to obtain credit.

 IdentityGuard – up to $10,000* cover per annum to assist in you in restoring you identity*.

 Secure Plus Loss Assistance Services

Service Features
As a member of SecureIdentity, you will be alerted to the potential risk of identity fraud which can occur following any of your important documents being stolen, your emails phished or if someone else unwittingly divulges your personal details.

With SecureIdentity helping you to monitor your credit file 24/7 you’ll be alerted to any fraudulent activity allowing you to take action as soon as possible.

Fraudulent credit activity can have an adverse affect on your financial situation, affect your credit history and result in an inability to obtain insurance, secure loans, take out a mortgage or even something as simple as signing up to a mobile phone contract.
SecureIdentity helps you detect identity theft and fraud, giving you increased protection and peace of mind.

All this protection from only $7.42 per month

Membership premium billed annually
Individual Membership; $89.00 p.a.
Household Membership; $139 p.a.
Secure Plus

Secure Plus

Secure Plus provides a range of services to reduce the risk of fraudulent use of your American Express and other financial cards, your mobile phone, and also assists with the retrieval of your personal possessions should these items be lost or stolen.

As Australia’s leading financial card and mobile phone registration and protection service, Secure Sentinel is there to provide immediate assistance wherever you are in the world.

 One call to report the loss or theft of your registered cards, mobile phone, important documents and    valuables

 24/7 Customer Service Centre to arrange replacement if these items are lost or stolen with one phone   call, from anywhere in the world.

Service Features:
  • Financial Card Registry – assistance to cancel and replace all registered credit, debit and ATM cards with just one call
  • IdentityGuard – up to $10,000* cover per annum to assist in you in restoring you identity*.
  • Emergency Cash – up to AU$1,000* in the event of loss or theft via Western Union.
  • Lost Luggage Service – coded luggage tags to alert anyone, anywhere in the world who finds your luggage to call Secure Sentinel immediately
  • Lost Key Service – coded key tags so that lost keys can be returned if found
  • Passport Service – assistance with the cancellation and reissue of your lost or stolen Australian passport, and a reminder to renew when your passport is approaching expiration
  • Change of Address Service –– notifying participating providers of your change of address
  • Online Vault – safely upload and store copies of your important documents and possessions for 24/7 worldwide access
  • Mobile Phone Barring – temporary block on registered lost or stolen mobile devices to prevent unauthorized use
  • Fraud Deterrent Labels – to help deter theft and assist in returning lost or stolen possessions
  • Online Service – view, edit and register new items via Secure Sentinel’s secure website

     All these features and benefits from only $4.92       per month

     Membership premium billed annually
     Individual Membership; $59.00 p.a.
     Household Membership; $79.00 p.a.
Contact us

American Express and Secure Sentinel

American Express and Secure Sentinel work in conjunction to deliver quality products to American Express Cardmembers. Secure Sentinel are committed to providing you with a high level of customer service. Contact Secure Sentinel to update your membership details or access any of the loss & retrieval services.

Secure Sentinel contact details
Toll free phone (Australia): 1800 022 043 or
                                           +612 9411 6898

Toll free fax (Australia):      1800 025 333
Post:   Secure Sentinel Pty Limited
           Locked Bag 4845
           Chatswood NSW 2057

Terms and Conditions
* SecureIdentity and Secure Plus are provided by Secure Sentinel Pty Ltd ABN 53 054 235 157. For full terms & conditions applicable to this service, please refer to the SecureIdentity and Secure Plus Terms & Conditions.

* SecureIdentity and Secure Plus includes IdentityGuard which is arranged by Secure Sentinel for the benefit of members and is underwritten by American Home Assurance Company, ABN 67 007 483 267, AFSL 230903, incorporated with Limited Liability in the USA, trading in Australia as Chartis. For important information on IdentityGuard including terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the Policy Information Booklet.
IdentityGuard Insurance policy Information Booklet.

American Express Australia Limited (ABN 92 108 952 085).
® Registered Trademark of American Express Company