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Make your cash work harder for your business

A simple way to extend your business cash flow

The American Express® Business Card, gives you up to 51 credit free days*, helping you ensure that money is coming in well before any is going out.

With the American Express Business Accelerator Credit Card you can extend your cash flow by up to 55 interest free days.

* Depending upon when you make a purchase, when your statement is issued and whether or not you are carrying forward a balance on your account from your previous statement period.

Improve your cash flow further with no pre-set spending limit

The American Express Business Card  has no pre-set spending limit, giving you purchasing power that adjusts with your
use of the Card. You can use your Card for large purchases (such as wholesale stock and suppliers) and everyday
business expenses (such as utilities, travel and fuel).

No pre-set spending limit does not mean unlimited spending. Your purchases are approved based on a variety of factors, including current spending patterns, your payment history, credit record, and financial resources known to us. If you anticipate an unusually large purchase, just call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 366 549 in advance so we may note your account.

Enjoy the convenience of one Card

Use your American Express Business Card to increase your day-to-day spending power by purchasing inventory, raw materials, advertising and office supplies – in addition to your regular business travel and entertainment expenses – all on the one card.

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