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Many Disputed transactions are the result of fraudulent activity related to lost, stolen or counterfeit Cards. By being alert to fraudulent transactions, you can help to reduce subsequent Disputes and Chargebacks.

A “Dispute” is a Charge for which a claim, question or complaint has arisen. A Cardmember is not the only one that would initiate an investigation to the Merchant. American Express can also raise inquiries to Merchants.

A “Chargeback” is our reimbursement from you for the amount of a Charge subject to such right; it refers to the amount of a Charge subject to reimbursement from you (sometimes called “Full Recourse” in our materials).

     •   Help the Cardmember recognize the transaction – provide as much detail as possible (for          example, the hotel room number) to the Cardmember
     •   Advise Cardmembers of your refund and return policy, educating them will let them know what          to expect if the goods are damaged, or if an order is subsequently cancelled
     •   Ensure you request an authorization code
     •   Be especially vigilant with signatures on Cards – ensure you check the signature on the receipt          against the one on the back of the Card
     •   Check all Cards carefully – be sure that the Card has not been altered or damaged, and has not          expired. Find out more about detecting a fraudulent Card.
     •   Make sure you are providing your accurate Merchant Name on their statement – this will          help Cardmembers recognize your business and their transactions with you. To verify we have your          correct trading name, contact Merchant Services at 1-800-268-9877 (Monday – Friday, 8am to 8pm          EST)
     •   Keep all records of sale and Charges – this will help you to explain Charges made on Cardmember          Statements

For more information, please reference the Merchant Operating Manual - Canada

Customers Payments

By Card, Travelers Cheque or Gift Card, processing Cardmember payments is easy.

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