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Exclusive Membership Rewards® Programme
Exclusive Programme tiers specially tailored to best suit your pursuits.

Programme Information

The following table gives the details of each programme tier:

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*Taxes extra as applicable

Link Your American Express Cards
If you have more than one Basic American Express Card (e.g. the American Express Gold Card and the American Express Credit Card or the American Express Green Card and the American Express Corporate Card), you can link these Cards to combine the Points earned on each Card. Call our 24x7 Membership Services Helpline for further details.

Supplementary and Additional Cards
If your spouse, children and other dependent family members have Supplementary Cards, then the spending on their Supplementary Cards will earn them Membership Rewards Points which will appear automatically on your Basic Card Account Statement. These Points can thereafter be collectively redeemed for Rewards.

Redeem Your Rewards Faster
You can choose to speed up your redemption. ‘Points+Pay’ is an alternate option that enables you to redeem your desired Reward without having to wait for the required Points level. Simply use your Points to redeem the Points portion and pay the balance amount with your Card.*
*Only ‘Points+Pay’ options given in the catalogue can be exercised. Cardmembers cannot create ‘Points+Pay’ options on their own.

Membership Rewards Top-up
Your Points can also be ‘topped-up’ by purchasing Points in multiples of 1,000 (1,000 Points can be purchased for Rs. 400 only). You can buy Points equal to the Points already accumulated in your account or 10,000 Points (whichever is lower) and redeem them immediately against Non-Frequent Traveller Rewards. The cost of the Points purchased will be charged to your Card and will appear in your next statement #.

# The charges for Points purchased under Points Top-up and balance payment made under ‘Points+Pay’ are not eligible for earning further Membership Rewards Points. Purchase of Points shall be purely at the discretion of American Express.

Membership Rewards Statement
Your Membership Rewards Statement will be shown along with your Monthly Card Account Statement.