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Frequently Asked Questions about American Express® Card Services

American Express is known for providing exceptional customer service. We give you several ways to get help when and where you need it. This information pertains to the International Dollar Cards offered through out Latin America, the Caribbean and Bermuda countries only.

General Questions About The Card

What International Dollar Cards do you currently offer in Latin America, the Caribbean or Bermuda?
A. We offer Personal and Corporate Cards. Personal Cards are offered as either Charge Cards (The American Express® Card, Rewards Gold Card and The Platinum Card) or The American Express Platinum Credit Card only available in Puerto Rico. To apply for a Card or to obtain further information, please visit our

Q. What is the difference between a Charge Card and a Credit Card?
A. Charge Cards carry No Pre-Spending Limit provided the account is settled in full and on time each month. Cardmembers are usually free to spend as much as they have shown us they can afford since the monthly statement balance needs to be paid in full each month. Credit Cards carry a pre-set credit limit and only a minimum payment is required to be paid each month.

Q. Are all The Cards accepted globally?
A. Yes, all of our Cards are accepted worldwide, wherever you see The American Express® Card Welcome Sign.

Q. Do you offer Additional Cards on accounts?
A. Additional Cards are available, however the basic Cardmember is jointly liable for transactions incurred on all Additional Charge Cards issued on their account. To request details on how to apply for a Additional Card, please call 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) or 800-555-4313 (Credit Card in Puerto Rico).

Q. How do I report my Card lost or stolen?
A. By calling us on 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) or 800-555-4313 (Credit Card in Puerto Rico) as soon as possible.

Q. If I am an American Express Cardmember, how do I stop marketing letters from being sent to me by American Express?
A. Call 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) and request that no mail be sent to you other than your monthly Card statement. Please, note that you may continue to receive marketing letters from American Express for a short while, after your preference has been registered.

Q. Where are your ATMs (cash machines) located?
A. We have ATMs situated all over the globe. A booklet giving the locations and symbols to look for is available by calling us at 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) or 800-555-4313 (Credit Card in Puerto Rico).

Q. Can I obtain cash using the Card?
A. You can obtain cash at at ATMs accepting the American Express Card. This service is not currently available for withdrawals in Puerto Rico and the United Sates. To enroll in Cash Access, call Customer Service at 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) or 800-555-4313 (Credit Card in Puerto Rico)

Q. Can I purchase American Express Travelers Cheques on The Card?
A. To find out how to obtain American Express Travelers Cheques using The Cards, please call Customer Service at 800-327-1267 (Charge Cards) or 800-555-4313 (Credit Card in Puerto Rico)

Q. How do I access my account information online?
A. You can access your account online by enrolling in Online Services. To enroll, you will need to provide us information only available in the face of your American Express card. Click here to learn more about online services or to enroll now.

Q. What type and version of browser software do I need to access secure areas of the site?
A. American Express requires a browser that uses 128 bit encryption, e.g. Netscape Navigator version 4.0 or higher OR Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher.

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