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Save on your calls with AT&T

With AT&T and The American Express International Dollar Platinum Card you'll automatically benefit from savings of over 50% 1 on all your long-distance calls to, from and within the U.S. 2 Simply dial the AT&T Direct Service access number for the country of call origin, dial the number you are calling and enter your Platinum Card number and expiration date. You'll automatically receive the following special low rates 3 :

When calling from or within the United States:

35˘ a minute when calling long-distance within the U.S.4, with an 89˘ per-call service charge.
35˘ a minute when calling to Canada, Mexico or Puerto Rico, with an 89˘ per-call service charge.
99˘ a minute, when calling to over 50 other countries 5 from the U.S., with an 89˘ per-call service charge.

When calling to the United States from an international location:

35˘ a minute for calls from Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, with an 89˘ per-call service charge.
99˘ a minute for calls from more than 756 countries to the U.S. with an 89˘ per-call service charge.

Remember, as a Platinum Card member, you'll not only benefit from these low rates but you can also count on clear, crisp, reliable AT&T connections and convenient billing to your American Express Platinum Card 7.
For more information, detailed dialing instructions and AT&T country access number listings click here or go to

Direct one rate calling card

AT&T also offers the Direct One Rate® Calling Card plan, that provides expanded features including:

• Access from over 140 countries at the same reduced rates as listed above.
• Calling from country-to-country other than the U.S.
• Convenient billing to your American Express Platinum Card (itemized call charges will appear on your Card statement).

To enroll toll-free, call the access code from the country you are in, enter 800-731-8230 at the prompt, and ask for the AT&T Direct One Rate® Calling Card Plan.

1 Calls are provided by AT&T USADirect® Service; savings based on comparisons to MCI WorldPhone rates as of 1/1/04, Sprint International Access rates as of 2/01/02 and AT&T USADirect basic rates as of 4/01/04. Credit card calling subject to availability. Payment terms subject to your credit card agreement.
2 Country-to-Country calls that do not originate or terminate in the U.S. are not permissible or eligible for AT&T Special Calling plan rates.
3 Rates apply to automated calls placed on the AT&T Network only. Operator-assisted calls are subject to additional charges. Universal Connectivity Charge applies. Additional per-minute rates for international calls terminating on mobile phone and other wireless devices may apply.
4 Calls placed from a payphone in the U.S. are subject to a per-call service charge.
5 Country availability is subject to change without notice.
6 Payment terms subject to Card agreement.
7 Other country rates are the cost of a call to the U.S. plus a cost based on country called.
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