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Frequently Asked Questions About Paperless

What are paperless statements?

A Paperless Statement is the online statement service from American Express Online Services. View your statements online instead of receiving a paper statements through the mail. We will also send you a monthly email reminder when your new online statement is ready to view and download. You will have access to a PDF version of your statement which you can save, print or download.

How can I register for paperless?

First you must be registered for Online Services, the convenient and secure way to check and manage your Account online at any time. Login or Register now for Online Services and then select Profile and Preference at the top and click on Paperless Settings. It's quick and simple to register for this service. All you need to do is select the American Express Card Account you wish to register, confirm that you have read and agreed with the Terms and Conditions, confirm your e-mail address and select your preferred statement delivery method.

Can I see an example of an online statement before I register?

Yes, simply click here to preview a sample PDF version of a statement online. Once you register for Online Statements, you will also be able to save and download a PDF version of your statement.

Can I register all my cards for paperless?

You can register any American Express Personal Charge or Credit Card Account for this service. Eligible Card Accounts must first be registered for Online Services. Login or Register now to add a Card Account.

Do I have to pay for this service?

No, this service is provided to you at no additional cost.

If I switch to paperless, when will I stop receiving paper statements?

You should stop receiving paper statements within two billing cycles.

Will my statement date change?

No, your statement date will not change, but there will be no need to wait for your statement to arrive in the mail. We will send you a monthly e-mail reminder as soon as your statement is ready to view online.

How will I know when my statement is ready to view online?

We will send you a monthly e-mail reminder as soon as your statement is ready to view online.

Who should I advise if I change my email address?

You may update your email address via the Account Services Update Personal Information screen when you are logged into Online Services. Alternatively, please call the toll-free number on the back of your card and one of our Customer Service representatives will be happy to assist you.

How can I pay my bill?

When logged in to Online Services, we offer you the option to set up your account for direct debit, which is an automatic and hassle-free payment of your Card Account.

Can I download my online statement?

Yes, exclusively for Cardmembers who choose Paperless, we will provide the option to download your online statement into your choice of Quicken, MS Money, MS Excel or Lotus 123. Alternatively, you may choose to save a PDF version of your online statement to your computer.

How long are my statements available to view online?

Each monthly statement will remain online for six months from the date on which it is made available.

Can I get copies of previous statements?

Your current statement is available to view online, plus statements for up to the previous six months. Paper copies for earlier statements can be requested by calling the Customer Service telephone number printed on the back of your card. Please note that a charge may apply for additional paper copy statements.

I don't have Adobe Reader. How can I save a PDF version of my statement?

To install free Adobe® Reader® software simply click here.

How can I cancel paperless?

Should you wish to cancel your registration for this service, simply update your preferences online to paper statements.

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Registering and Managing an Online Account

Registering and managing an online Account with American Express is easy. To begin, simply click on the "Register Now" button. This will take you to the US American Express My Card Account Site. If this is your first time here, you'll need to register your Card. Just enter the account information and you'll be on your way.

When you go paperless, you'll receive Account Statements by email instead of regular mail. They'll arrive quicker and more securely. And you'll save time, too.

Now, let's explore all the useful services you can access online. Once you log in, you'll be taken to "Account Home". Here, you'll find your statement balance, information on minimum payment, and the option to pay your bill online. You can also manage your Paperless Settings and view your most current Membership Rewards® Point balance.

If you're ready to continue, let's check out your online Account Activity. Your most recent account transactions are here, giving you immediate access to your account. And if you want to pay your bill, you can do that, too.

Now that you're more familiar with your online Account, let's talk about paying your bill. If it's your first time paying online, this is the one time you'll have to enter your bank account information. And, of course, with an online Account from American Express, payment is always completely secure. Just enter the "Payment Amount" and select "Payment Date". Verify your action, and the confirmation page will let you know your payment has been submitted.

Now that you've seen how to pay your bill online, let's head back to Account Home and learn about Account Alerts. Would you like to get notifications about your Account? Would you feel better if you knew when your payment was received? If so, then "Account Alerts" is for you. Simply select the alerts you want. Then, let us know if you'd like to receive them by email, mobile phone, or both.

We hope that this helps give you a better understanding of how convenient managing your Account online with American Express can be. We're proud to extend the service and protections you've come to trust to both our website and your online Account.

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