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Welcome to the American Express (R) New Zealand Online Services Registration Guide

Registering for American Express Online Services is a quick and easy four-step process that you can complete right now online.

Before You Register

Before you start, it's worth knowing what information you'll need , so you can complete your registration in one quick session.

1.  Your American Express Card
2.  Your valid email address
3.  The birth date, plus home and work phone numbers of the Basic (principal) Cardmember on the Account. Note: for security reasons, these details must match those already held on file at American Express. If in doubt, call our Helpline number 0800 612 615.

It's also good to be aware that these registration pages cater for American Express
Cardmembers all over the world, which means…

1. Finding a unique username might take a few attempts.
2. Birth dates should be entered in North American (month/day/year) format.

OK, ready to register?