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American Express helps businesses do more business

Like many of the Merchants who welcome our Cards today, American Express started small, but with big ideas. It has led us to become one of the world's most prestigious financial companies with over 100 million2 Cardmembers globally, and a Merchant network of millions, in more than 131 countries2

So why should you join these Merchants? 

The answer is simple. By accepting the American Express Card, we can help you to Grow, Manage and Expand your business . 


By accepting the American Express Card, you gain unique access to more customers who spend more money. To products and tools that can help you attract these customers to grow your business. To services that can help you manage and keep money flowing through your business efficiently and optimally, allowing you to focus on actually running your business. And the knowledge and resources that can make your business competitive and successful, online or offline, today or into the future. 

Need to know more? Call one of our Customer Care Professionals now on 0800 800 855 (Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 6.00pm). 

1 Source: Card Usage & Attitude Survey (CUAS) New Zealand 2011 
2 Source: American Express Annual Report 2011

Did you know?

The average American Express Card member spends 54% more on credit cards per month than other cardholders1 and have a household income 31% higher than that of non-American Express cardholders1

82% are enrolled and actively engaged in our rewards program1

47% would be influenced in their choice of where to shop or dine by American Express acceptance1 58% % find out about American Express acceptance by looking for Point-of-Purchase (POP) material before entering the store - by choosing to display the complimentary Point of Purchase signage maximises your potential to attract our high-spending and loyal Cardmembers. 

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Need to know more? Call one of our Customer Care Professionals now on 0800 800 855(Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 6.00pm).

1Source: Card Usage & Attitude Survey (CUAS) New Zealand 2011
2Source: American Express Annual Report 2011

At American Express, service is at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that time isn't something businesses have a lot of and therefore your “back of house” needs to be efficient, effective and simple. As a merchant in our network, you’ll have access to a suite of premium services, products and tools to help you manage and operate your business, when you need it - online or off, 24/7.

We also appreciate that fraud is a major concern for many businesses today. Through our Closed Loop network - the direct relationships with both Card members and Merchants, offering us the unique ability to see each side of a transaction- we offer you a reduced risk of fraud for better business protection. Giving you more peace of mind.

Take advantage of our products and expertise to help further develop and streamline your business, from optimising cash flow to enabling greater efficiency in payments and processing.

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American Express is a proud supporter of our Merchant’s businesses. As a Merchant in our network, we are dedicated to helping you expand and enhance your business through resources, knowledge, products and expertise that help in expanding your business and achieving your goals.

We understand that many Merchants are now faced with new challenges in their business from the emerging global digital economy. From general transaction management to complete e-commerce solutions, American Express is committed to supporting you in taking the first steps to establishing or growing your digital presence.

American Express also recognises that we are constantly learning and growing in business and as such we offer resources and expertise to help enhance your knowledge. One way we do this is providing you with unique insights analysing a wealth of spending data to spot trends and provide insights that others cannot – in complimentary Customer Characteristics Analysis3. This aggregated data can provide an understanding of customers and their buying behaviour, potentially helping to boost sales through more efficient marketing efforts.

We will continue to refine and build products and services to help you expand and enable you to do more business.

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(2) CUAS New Zealand (American Express issued cards only) 2009.
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(4) CUAS New Zealand (American Express issued cards only) 2009.