Travelers Cheques
 Accepting Travlers Cheques
 Benefits for Your Business
 How To Accept Travelers Cheques
 How to Identify Travelers Cheques
 Confirm Your Acceptance of Travelers Cheques
 Travelers Cheques Authorization Center
 Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Accepting Travelers Cheques

With American Express® Travelers Cheques, you can help your business grow by attracting more profitable customers. Take advantage of these business-building products today.

Benefits for your Business
Learn how Travelers Cheques can increase your sales.

How to Accept Travelers Cheques
See how safe and easy it is to accept Travelers Cheques.

How to Identify Travelers Cheques
Review Travelers Cheque designs and security features.

Comfirm your Acceptance of Travelers Cheques
Call Customer Service to confirm today and sign up to receive regularly-updated materials.

Travelers Cheques Authorization Center
Obtain advice if you have concerns about accepting a Travelers Cheque, 24 hours a day.

Frequent Asked Questions
Get answers to your most common Travelers Cheques questions.

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