The American ExpressCredit Card

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Rewards Program:
Membership Rewards
Credit Line:
Up to 3 times your monthly income
Annual Fee:
1,926 Baht (VAT included)
Interest Rate:
Interest Rate 15% per annum and Credit Usage Fee 5% per annum

2X points on everyday purchases in Thailand

Earn lifetime double Membership Rewards points for all your everyday purchases at restaurants, supermarkets, petrol stations and Autopay Service.

Purchase Insurance Plan

American Express Credit Card gives you peace of mind for Card purchases covered under the policies underwritten by ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company Limited at no extra cost.

More Rewards

With Membership Rewards™ you earn one point for every Baht 25 you spend on the Credit Card and lifetime double points on your everyday purchases at restaurants*, supermarkets and petrol stations in Thailand, and also when you pay your regular bills through Autopay Service. Apply now.

You can choose to redeem your Membership Rewards™ points for many great rewards like restaurant vouchers, hotel accommodation and many attractive retail items. Or you can choose to redeem for Cash Rewards which will be credited to your Card account.

You automatically enjoy Membership Rewards™ right away, you don't have to apply. It's FREE and the points do not expire!

American Express (Thai) reserves the right to change Membership Rewards™ benefits and programs without prior notification.

* Not applicable for hotel and department store incorporated restaurants.

More Flexibility

Benefit from minimum payment of 10% of total monthly balance or Baht 500, whichever is greater,by the payment due date.

High credit line up to 3 times your monthly income. Subject to credit assessment.

You can access cash up to 100% of your credit line or maximum of US$1,000* over a 28 days period at over 520,000 ATM locations around the world that display the Express Cash sign. A service fee equivalent to 3% of the withdrawn amount (subject to VAT) will be charged**

*Varies based on credit assessment.
**Interest will be charged on a daily basis on the balance outstanding from the withdrawal date until the full payment is received.

More Protection

Return Guarantee gives you peace of mind in case you are dissatisfied with an an item purchased on the Credit Card in Thailand and would like to return it. The minimum price must be Baht 1,000, the item has to be purchased solely for personal use and entirely with your American Express Credit Card.

If, within 7 days of purchase, you are dissatisfied with the covered item and the retailer refuses to take it back, you can return it to the Insurance Company, who will indemnify you with the Purchase Price, up to a maximum of Baht 10,000 per item, and subject to a maximum of Baht 32,000 per calendar year.

Best Value Guarantee provides coverage for items purchased entirely with an American Express Credit Card if, within 15 days of the purchase date, an identical item is advertised in print with an offer date stated to be available at a lower price than the American Express Credit Cardmember paid.

The Insurance Company will indemnify the American Express Credit Cardmember for the difference in price of not less than Baht 500 per item and up to the maximum of Baht 10,000 per item, and subject to a maximum of Baht 32,000 for each American Express Card Account held by the American Express Credit Cardmember per calendar year.

Purchase Protection Plan provides for the repair, replacement of covered product or, at the discretion of the Insurance Company, the indemnification of the covered product which has been damaged within 30 days of purchase. The item must be purchased solely for personal use or as a gift and with the American Express Credit Card. Coverage is up to Baht 48,000 per item, and up to a maximum of Baht 240,000 per calendar year.

*Full terms & conditions apply.

More Service

Customer Service team is available for all your enquiries. Please call 0 2273 5999.

The 24-hour all year round Express Access Service allows you to obtain account balance, check your recent payments and charges and enquire about Membership Rewards points easily, and is completely secure. Simply call 0 2273 5999.

Why not share the benefits and privileges of Cardmembership with someone special? Spending on Supplementary Cards is itemised on the your monthly statement and all points earned on the Supplementary Cards will be automatically linked to your Membership Rewards account. Apply together with the the basic Card or call 0 2273 5999.

Whatever the occasion - personal, social or business - send that thoughtful gift to show you care, without having to take the time off of your busy schedule. Simply place your order at Express Gift Service with the American Express Credit Card. Your gift will be tastefully packaged and delivered, usually within the next day or whenever you need. Simply call 0 2273 5999.

Simplify your life today by getting your monthly bills charged directly to your American Express Credit Card and earn double Membership Rewards points on every Baht 25 charged to the Card. Simply enrol in Autopay Service.