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The Hidden Talent Show - the new Channel 4 series, inspired by American Express

Art Appreciation

Here's a teaser test. To find out if you've got other hidden talents, visit our fan page. You're about to see 30 images of accepted masterpieces. One is the original and the other is a copy that has been altered slightly. You'll be asked to choose which one you think is the original. You will have 7 seconds to make a choice.

Take the test

Realising potential. It's what American Express is all about. That's why we're behind a new Channel 4 show, where we scour the country for people with surprising hidden talents, then help them take their skills to the ultimate level. And now you can join in too, with online tests on everything from Opera Singing to Lie Detection, designed by experts to help you uncover your true potential.

Hidden Talent,
Tuesdays 9pm on Channel 4

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