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Send and Receive Funds


American Express offers electronic and traditional funds transfer services at competitive exchange rates for more than 110 currencies. Download a complete list of available currencies (PDF).

Wire Transfers
Transfer funds to your beneficiaries quickly and easily with our secure online interface.

Draft Payments
When wire transfers are not an option, American Express can send foreign currency cheques directly to the payee.

Cross Currency Transactions
Convert incoming foreign currency directly into an outgoing foreign currency payment.
Incoming Wires
Have incoming foreign currency funds wired directly into your GBP account. This service provides you with fast access to your funds.

Incoming Drafts
Convert foreign drafts to GBP with this cheque conversion service. Immediate settlement is available for many currencies.
Manage Risk


Help minimise currency exposure with Forward Contracts. Forward Contracts allow you to lock in an exchange rate today for delivery up to 12 months before the funds are needed.

Fixed Forward Contracts
Eliminate currency exposure on price lists and budgets with Forward Contracts. Forwards allow you to lock in an exchange rate up to 12 months before the funds are needed.

Window Forward Contracts
Make multiple payments to different beneficiaries at a confirmed Forward Contract rate throughout the duration of the contract. These are particularly useful when payment dates are unknown.
Intra-Day spot payments
Book immediate currency transactions throughout the day either online or by the phone.

Schedule payments
Have funds sent automatically on a chosen future date.

Personalised account management
Each client has a dedicated FX Relationship Manager as their single point of contact.
Save Time Online


Our online system is available 24/7 anywhere, anytime.

Payment history and reporting
Payment history is available with a breakdown on transaction status, currency type and date.

Audit trail
All your transaction information is stored securely online and can be downloaded at the click of a button.

File upload
When making regular payments, upload information in a variety of formats from your accounting system.

Payee bank search
Search via IBAN or country information to find a beneficiary’s correct bank details (e.g. address of bank).
Rate Alert
Receive notifications by email or text when your chosen currency reaches a specific exchange rate.

Make recurring payments easier by pre-defining payee details and other transaction options. Spend less time re-entering data and avoid errors.

Transaction confirmation
You and your beneficiary can receive detailed confirmations by email when transactions are completed.