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Western Union

Reliable. Secure. Fast

So you need to send funds to a friend halfway around the world, yet don't have much time? Well, we can help. American Express is a licensed agent of Western Union - a wire service that lets customers send or receive currency globally within 10 minutes. Trusted for its reliability and security, Western Union is available at all American Express locations globally.

Western Union is not only fast - it's safe, too. In fact, all transactions are 100% guaranteed. Funds are transferred electronically to the recipient through a global network of quality agents.

You can send or receive money at most American Express locations by following a few quick steps. If sending funds, please bring in some identification such as a passport or driver's licence and then just complete a simple form and pay for the amount of money you want to send, plus applicable Western Union service fees. You will be given a Western Union reference number to relay to the recipient. If receiving funds, simply provide the reference number and photo ID. After completing a simple form, the money is yours. The entire transaction is complete in a few minutes.

Senders can add a 10-word message at no extra cost.

*This service is not available through our offices in the USA.