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We've put together answers to the most commonly asked questions we get asked every day. To get to the answer, simply click on the most appropriate category below.

Q. How do I become an American Express Merchant?
A. Please complete our online form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly.

Q. I would like more information on becoming an American Express Merchant?
A. That’s fine, complete this online form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly.

Q. How can you help me attract more American Express Cardmembers?
A. We offer a variety of products and services to help our Merchants attract more Cardmembers. These
     include promotional materials at no additional charge, as well as marketing support programmes such as

Q. What is American Express Selects?
A. Selects is an online marketing tool for dining, retail and travel establishments that is available in up to 60
     countries on With an average of 110,000 unique visitors a month
     worldwide, Selects is a great opportunity to attract American Express Cardmembers.

Q. How much does American Express Selects cost?
A. Selects is a service available to all our Merchants at no additional charge, providing the opportunity to
     reach American Express Cardmembers locally and over the globe.

Q. What are point-of-purchase materials?
A. Promotional items which clearly let customers know American Express Cards are welcome.

Q. What point-of-purchase materials will American Express provide my business with?
A. American Express has an extensive range of point-of-purchase materials we supply to our Merchants.
     Things like door stickers, window stickers, open/closed signs, bill holders and logos you can use online.

Q. How does American Express pay my business?
A. We pay our Merchants the net amount we owe them. How do we arrive at this amount? We deduct the
     discount on each transaction, and any other fees, amounts or adjustments to your account prior to
     settlement rather than asking you for payment at the end of the month.

Q. When does American Express pay my business?
A. We pay most Merchants within five business days, from the date we receive the charges. When you
     become an American Express Merchant, we will provide you with a Merchant Payment Plan outlining
     details of your payments. You can also view our payments and reconciliation guide for further details.

Q. What is Online Merchant Services?
A. Online Merchant Services enables American Express Merchants to manage their account via the
     internet. Once enrolled, our Merchants can access transactional and statement information online.

     Watch a demonstration

Q. Is there a fee for Online Merchant Services?
A. No, there is no additional charge for our Online Merchant Services tool.

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