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Paperless statements

Cut down on post and go Paperless. Not only does it save time, it gives you more control as well. You will receive a monthly email reminder from American Express Online Services, advising that your Card Account statement is ready to view.

Go Paperless to be better organised

With Paperless statements we do your filing for you. Get instant access to your last six months of statements, from around the world. Retrieve archived statements on request (up to September 2005).

Go Paperless to be more secure

The latest technology keeps your online statements secure. Plus because there’s no paper your statement will never get lost in the post.

Go Paperless to be greener

Paperless statements cut down on the carbon emissions created during delivery as well as the production and disposal of paper.

You will need to register for Online Services to manage your account online before enrolling into Paperless statements.

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