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Simply call us on: +44(0)1273 696 933 and we'll take care of the rest.


Our Personal Cards’ global fraud and consumer protection systems are designed for real life – whatever extraordinary shape yours takes.

"I'm too busy to fret about fraud."

Don't worry. We actively protect your details. Should the worst happen, you're protected against fraudulent use of your account.
Fraud protection

"Passport, tickets and my American ExpressŪ Card - the essentials."

Travel with the power of our global network behind you and your family. We're always there if you need help or assistance.
Travel back-up

"Everyone noticed my gorgeous new shoes - especially when the heel came off."

New purchases are covered for 90 days1. To fix or replace your new shoes, call us. We'll arrange it.
Consumer protection
“Brazil sounds lovely, but I’ve never been – let alone bought petrol there.” We aim to put things right straight away if someone uses your account details without your consent.


Booking your summer holiday? Global Assist gives Personal Cardmembers and their family a lifeline when travelling abroad. Call us wherever you are if you need help and advice. We believe in keeping your data secure. We only collect the information we need and we always give you a choice as to how it’s used.
Your data privacy