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Simply call us on: +44(0)1273 696 933 and we'll take care of the rest.
“I don’t need to go and check my balance. It appears once a week – as if by magic.” Sign up for Card Alerts. We’ll send you your weekly balance so you can spot any issues quickly.


Buy a pair of shoes or a new kitchen and your transaction is processed through our secure system. Unlike other card issuers, an American Express® transaction usually involves only three parties: you, the merchant and American Express.


Secure system: You to Merchant to American Express to You...etc. The benefits to you are:
  • there's less risk of fraud because there's usually no third party involvement
  • we can spot issues quickly as soon as they arise
  • we can resolve problems faster where we have a direct relationship with all parties

Have more questions?

Visit our Fraud FAQs for additional information about how we protect your transactions.