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Find peace of mind in more ways than one when you purchase American Express® Travellers Cheques. Get protection for your money and built-in benefits like our Passport Replacement and Credit/Debit Card Cancellation Service. With this free of charge, no sign up service American Express helps you replace lost or stolen passports and credit/debit cards.*


Whether you left your passport in a taxi in Athens or it was stolen at the airport, our Passport Replacement Assistance is there to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With one phone call to a customer service centre, we can help you with the process of getting your passport re-issued. We take rapid action - from giving you the advice you need, to providing all the necessary forms or pre-arranging an interview for you at the consulate, where possible.

For worldwide Customer Service telephone numbers, click here.


Lost or stolen major credit or debit cards don't have to spoil your holiday when you carry Travellers Cheques. We provide you with a free credit and debit card cancellation service, whether the card you've lost is American Express or not.** With one phone call to an American Express Customer Service Centre, you can get the necessary phone numbers needed for cancellation and reissue - we will even stay on the phone with you to guide you through the process if you wish. If needed, this service is also available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For worldwide Customer Service telephone numbers, click here.

*Replacement Assistance Service available to American Express Travellers Cheque purchasers and recipients. Proof of purchase may be required before services are provided. Credit/Debit Card Cancellation Service applies to American Express Cards and major bank-issued credit/debit cards only. Other types of cards such as retail store, petrol , loyalty cards and frequent flier cards are not eligible for the cancellation service. Replacement of credit/debit cards is at the discretion of the financial institution and most credit/debit card issuers will send replacement cards only to the billing address.

**Credit/Debit Card Cancellation Service and Passport Replacement Assistance services include: Providing to the customers the necessary telephone contact numbers for passport and/or credit/debit card cancellation when requested, transferring the customer's call to such contact numbers, when requested, and providing other available information to assist customers in the replacement process. Any fees associated with Passport Replacement Assistance and/or Credit/Debit Card Cancellation Service (such as passport replacement fees, government fees, expediting agency fees, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the customer.