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Security Center
Types of Fraud
How We Protect You
What You Can Do
 Protect Yourself
 If You Are a Victim
Credit Card Fraud
Credit card fraud strikes millions of times every year and is one of the fastest growing white-collar crimes. The information and services in the Security Center can help reduce your chances of becoming a victim.
Credit Card Fraud happens whenever someone obtains your credit card account number, and then uses it to make fraudulent purchases.
This can happen if:
  • A dishonest store clerk makes an extra imprint of your credit card.
  • A thief gets your account number and expiration date from a discarded receipt.
  • A restaurant cashier swipes your credit card in a small handheld device known as a skimmer, which copies the information on your credit card in order to make a counterfeit copy of your credit card. This method is called "Skimming".
  • You were a victim of a phishing scam.
Remember that when you use your American Express card, you are not liable for fraudulent purchases. In addition, American Express has sophisticated monitoring systems and controls in place to detect fraudulent activity and protect our Cardmembers' accounts from misuse. If we discover activity on your account that we believe is suspicious, we will contact you.

For tips on how you can protect yourself, click here.
Contact Us
If you think you may be a victim of fraud, contact the phone number on the back of your Card or you can find other phone numbers in the "contact us" section of our website.

Report a suspicious email:

For other Customer Service Requests, you can contact us