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Applying for an American Express® Business Card Here’s a guide to who is eligible, the information to have ready, and how to apply for an American Express Business Charge Card or Business Credit Card.

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Apply for a business card.

Eligibility requirements

When applying for an American Express Business Card, there are both personal and business eligibility requirements.

Personal eligibility

There are a few personal criteria you'll need to fulfill to be eligible to apply:

• Card holders have to be aged over 18 and Australian citizens or permanent residents

• Your personal gross annual income needs to be at least $24,000 for all Cards – except for the American Express Platinum Business Card, which requires an income of over $75,000

• You must have no history of bad debt or payment default

Business eligibility

There are also a number of criteria your business must meet:

• The business must have been trading for more than 12 months

• It must have a current Australian bank account

• The company cannot have any judgements against it for non-payment of debts

Personal and business details

We'll ask you to provide personal details, such as your home address, total annual income, and details of any American Express Cards you currently hold.

Some questions on the application form will vary based on the legal status of your business – such as whether it’s registered as a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company, Trust, or Association.

Below is a list of documents you’ll need when applying for a Business Card depending on your company type.

Required information for all company types

• Australian Business Number (ABN)

• Business Entity Name – this is how your business is registered which may be different than the name your business operates under. You can choose which business name you would like to appear on the card

• Identification document for the primary card holder (depending on the company structure, this may also be required for director, beneficial owners or other legal representatives)

For most American Express Business Charge and Credit Cards you can apply online, or you can speak with a business specialist who can advise you on the Card best suited to your business and help you with the application process.

Supporting documents you might need

We might ask for additional details as part of the application process. This information will help us verify and authenticate your business status.

Please make sure you have the following information to hand if it’s relevant for your business:

• The details of all individuals who own or control 25% or more of the company’s shares or voting rights, even if these interests are held indirectly

• The details of up to four Directors, Partners, Committee Members, or Officers

• All of the relevant business information for the Sole Trader, if this is how the business is set up

For Partnerships – Partnership agreements (these can be uploaded digitally once you complete the Card application)

For Cooperatives – constitution / meeting minutes (these can be uploaded digitally once you complete the Card application)

For Trusts – Trust deeds (these can be uploaded digitally once you complete the Card application)

With this information you should be ready to apply for an American Express Business Card.

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