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American Express Small Business Cards

Business Cards for
doing better business

Businesses have many needs. Whether your need is extended cash flow or rewards points, there's an American Express Business Card designed specifically to meet it.

To find the Card best suited to your business, explore the features below:

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Why American Express is right for your business

American Express Cards are built specifically for business owners. Find out how having one could improve your business.

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Business Credit Cards Vs Charge Cards

Understand the difference between credit cards and charge cards to help you choose the right payment method for your business.

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Be rewarded for doing business as usual

Earn Points on your business spend and plough them back into your business, or keep them for yourself.

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Rewarding Business Travel

American Express Business Cards have features expressly designed for business owners who travel for work.

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Applying for an American Express Business Card

Here's a guide to who is eligible, the information you'll need, and how to apply.

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Keep your cash for longer

Cash flow isn't a nice-to-have - it's a necessity. Our Business Cards can help extend cash flow so you can take advantage of other business opportunities.

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American Express Business Explorer Credit Card

Get more out of your business spend. With points on your purchases, a low interest rate and an annual loyalty bonus, see how we can help your business.

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View Business Cards

There are seven American Express Business Cards - one of them could be perfect for your business.

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