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Card reconciliation
and payments

Tools to help consolidate and
settle payments.

Our range of tools work together to give Program Administrators more Account visibility, greater control
over payments, and a more streamlined reconciliation process. Explore the different options below.
To make use of these tools and more, you’ll need to enrol in @ Work, if you haven’t already.

Corporate Online Payment Allocation (COPA)

COPA is a secure and convenient way to allocate payments to Commercial Card Accounts through American
Express @ Work®. Payments for most accounts refresh the available spend limit within 48 hours
and there’s no limit on the number of payments you can schedule in a given period.

View your Account information,
balance and allocation history


Select Accounts and
allocation amounts


Allocate payments based on
Account level, or set specific values for individual Card Members


Include tracking numbers
with your payments


Match tracking numbers and
process payments within 48 hours


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@ Work Reconciliation

Save time with @ Work Reconciliation, a free tool that automatically consolidates transactions
from centrally-billed Accounts and allows you to apply accounting codes systematically.
This means you can:

Automate the reconciliation and approval processes using pre-set accounting rules


View and modify accounting information and rules, making it faster to edit journal entries after a cycle closes


Enjoy a virtually seamless reconciliation process, with data automatically uploaded into your ERP system.


 A Card Member exploring BTA connect

BTA Connect

Streamline the reconciliation of your corporate travel expenses with BTA Connect – an online network that connects you, your Travel Marketing Company (TMC) and American Express Customer Service. It allows you to:


  • Increase visibility of all travel expenses at every stage of the reconciliation process    
  • Customise how you view data to suit your company’s needs      
  • Match and reconcile data more easily using additional online fields    
  • Track queries raised and answers received.

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