Useful tools
to help you
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With @ Work, you can access personalised reports and commercial insights to help you efficiently
manage your Corporate Card program.

To make use of these reporting tools and more, you’ll need to enrol in @ Work, if you haven’t already.

@ Work reporting

Query, filter and sort your Corporate Card information with @ Work to meet your expense
management needs and easily track the information most relevant to you.

There are two types of reporting available, which you can explore below.

Standard reporting

Receive automatic Card management, compliance and spend trend reports on a monthly basis,
across various organisational and geographic levels.

These reports are:

Preformatted for ease

Available in either PDF or Excel format, giving you the flexibility to sort and manipulate the data according to your own needs

Based on your billing cycle and usually delivered directly to your Report List within 24 hours.

To set up a standard report:


Log in to @ Work.


Go to your ‘Available Reports’ dashboard.


Choose your preferred report frequency and formatting.

Customised reporting

With custom reports you have the flexibility to sort and view the information that is most important to
you. You can directly save your report, set it to run on a particular schedule, or print, export and graph
your results directly from the ‘Report Viewer’.

To set up a customised report:


Log in to @ Work.


Go to your ‘Available Reports’ dashboard.


Search or browse by ‘Client ID’ or ‘Control Account’ for the Accounts you want to include.


Choose a custom or predefined data range.


Sort by ‘Quick’ or ‘Advanced’ filters to find the relevant industry, product, spend and Buyer Initiated Payments (BIP) required for the report.


6. Add, remove, or rearrange your data columns and run your report.

Get access to expert advice

Use American Express’ wealth of industry knowledge to help you make informed, insight-driven
decisions. If you’re interested in any of the following features, please contact your
Account Manager to learn more.

Commercial insights

With access to both Card Member and merchant data, American Express is uniquely positioned to help you optimise your Corporate Card program and find patterns in your company’s spend behaviour.

Expert insights

Put the in-depth industry knowledge of the @ Work consulting team to work for your business. Receive unique analyses, proactive recommendations, and the best and freshest practices to apply to your travel and payment programs.

Spend benchmarking

With @ Work your can benchmark your spend against similar organisations and industries, using data from tens of thousands of corporate clients across nearly 200 countries and territories.

Travel reporting made easy

Get valuable insights into your Business Travel Account (BTA) program.

BTA Reporting

Receive monthly reports covering all your travel commodities, including air, hotel, and car rental.
The reports are:

Available in either PDF or Excel format, giving you the flexibility to sort and manipulate the data according to your own needs.

Easy to upload to your internal financial systems.

BTA eData File

The BTA eData File is particulary suited to companies with high transaction volumes and sophisticiated
reconciliation needs. Consolidate all the data from your air, hotel and car rental transactions into a
single integrated data file to:

Enhance spend visbility

Keep up to date with your Account through timely reconciliation processing

Increase flexibility by manipulating and customising data bases on your individual requirements

Enjoy high levels of security with Secure File Transfer Protocols.

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