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Manage your business cash flow

Important Business Card tools to put you in control of your capital.

From Employee Cards to extended payment periods, see all the ways an American Express Business Credit Card or Charge Card can help you gain greater control of your business’ cash flow.

How can a Business Card help improve cash flow?

Extended Payment periods

Extended payment periods

Depending on the Business Card you choose, you’ll enjoy up to 51 or up to 55 days1 to pay for purchases (as long as your Account is paid off in full each month) – giving you more time with your on-hand cash before your Account balance is due to be repaid.

Streamlined online tools

Streamlined online tools

Use your Card for everything from inventory to travel and view all spend in your Online Account or the Amex App. Plus identify patterns and make informed cash flow predictions with detailed Account statements and feeds into MYOB and Quicken.

Access Employee Business Cards

Access to Employee Cards

Minimise cash flow surprises by simplifying the way you track your employees’ expenses. With each Employee Card2, you’ll be able to make repayments in line with its payment period.

Membership Rewards Points

Membership Rewards points

Points aren’t just great for rewarding gifts and getaways3, they can also be used to free up your cash flow by allowing you to cover the cost of business trips, as well as your monthly Account balance when you use Points for Credit4.

Maximise your cash flow with up to 55 days to pay.

Get a detailed look at how you can use a Business Card’s repayment period to your advantage.

Up to 55 days to pay

Extend the time between purchase and payment by up to 55 days1 each statement period.

No pre-set spending

Make large purchases with no pre-set spending limit5 while also covering everyday business expenses.

An adjustable limit

Grow the flexibility of your month-on-month balance5 as we learn more about your spending and repayment patterns.

Flexible Payment Option6

Access an instant line of credit, without the need to dip into your savings, take out a loan or put up additional security.

Explore our range of Business Cards

Compare the features and benefits across our different Cards to find the
one that’s the best fit for your business.

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