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American Express Fixed Rate.

Low interest rates on big purchases.

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American Express®
Fixed Rate

Large purchases. Low interest rates until you pay them off.

It's credit with a twist.

Take the holiday you've been dreaming of with the American Express Fixed Rate offer.

It's a great way to make larger purchases using your American Express Card. Once enrolled, you can save with a locked in interest rate on any purchase of $1,000 or more. And that rate will stay until you've paid off the purchase.

Don't put those big purchases off any longer. Start taking advantage of this amazing offer.

How Fixed Rate works

Icon switch 1. We'll let you know when a Fixed Rate offer is available on your eligible American Express Card. Then you simply need to log in to your account and switch it on.
Icon page 2. When you make purchases of $1,000 or more, the low interest rate stipulated in the invitation we sent you will be applied automatically to those purchases.
Icon percent 3. You enjoy a low, ongoing rate until you pay the purchase off.

Fixed Rate Calculator

How much are you looking at spending?
(minimum $1,000)

Please enter a valid amount.
(must be at least $1,000)


Fixed Rate interest rate

Fixed rate

6.99% p.a.

Total Interest Charges
(over a 12 month period)


Comparative rate

Please enter a valid amount.

Total Interest Charges
(over a 12 month period)


Potential Saving



Frequently Asked Questions

Does this offer really give me a fixed interest rate?

Does this offer really give me a fixed interest rate?

A: Absolutely. You can make a purchase on your Card and relax, knowing the interest rate for that purchase will remain at the interest rate specified in your invitation, until you pay it off.

How many purchases can I have on the Fixed Rate offer?

How many purchases can I have on the Fixed Rate offer?

A: You can have as many eligible purchases of $1,000 or more as you’d like on Fixed Rate, in line with your credit limit. Keep in mind, you’ll have 3 months from enrolling to make your eligible purchases.

Are my Supplementary Card Member’s purchases eligible for the offer?

Are my Supplementary Card Member’s purchases eligible for the offer?

A: Yes, once enrolled, any Supplementary Card Members on your account can also take advantage of this great offer.

Questions about
Fixed Rate ?

Our Customer Service Experts can help you with any questions you may have about Fixed Rate or your American Express Card.

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Terms & Conditions

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Subject to these Terms and Conditions and the American Express Credit Card Conditions, this promotional low rate offer will apply to new eligible purchases of $1,000 or more, in a single transaction, made on an enrolled American Express Card.

Eligible purchases must be made within 3 months of offer enrolment in order to receive the promotional interest rate. The promotional low interest rate is only valid for the Card stipulated in the invitation you have been sent. Any purchases made prior to enrolment will be subject to the standard rate of interest. The low rate on eligible purchases will apply to these purchase balances provided you choose to carry a balance.

Cash advances, Balance Transfers, charges for travellers cheques, fees and commissions are not eligible purchases and do not qualify for the promotional low interest rate.

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