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Complimentary four-part information series

Let us introduce you to the world of American Express and international payments through a series of articles and case studies delivered directly to your inbox.

International Payment Features

The American Express® FX International Payment solutions online platform advantages Online platform advantages

  • Live currency exchange rates
  • Foreign exchange customer support, 24 hours Mon-Fri
  • File upload and batching facilities for multiple online payments
  • Full integration with ERP systems or accounting software with SYNC
  • Payment scheduling
  • In-depth flexible reporting services
  • Settle transactions by Direct Debit, Credit or BPAY,
  • Rate alert service by text or email
  • Blended payments
  • Transaction confirmation via email
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FX International Payment types from American Express® International payment types

  • Outgoing International Payments
  • Incoming International Payments
  • Forward Contracts
  • Flexible Forward Contracts
  • Cross currency Payments
  • Outgoing Currency Drafts
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Receive membership rewards for international payment transactions Membership Rewards

If you have an American Express Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, your business can earn points on eligible money transfers of AUD $5,000 or more.1

New solution for American Express Card Members

With American Express AccessLine™ powered by FX International Payments, eligible Card members can make fast, secure international and domestic payments, even to merchants who don't accept card payments. Manage your cash flow more efficiently and negotiate early payment discounts, while enjoying the benefits of Membership Rewards® points. Now, the world really is your oyster.

International payments at a glance

Setup / maintenance fees
Transfer times
Today, tomorrow or two business days1
Transaction fees
No fee for Incoming Foreign Currency Payments
Competitive fees for Outgoing Foreign Currency Payments and same currency payments
In-depth flexible reports which can be exported to Excel and recognised ERP and accounting packages
Over 133 currencies sent globally
Customer support
By phone (Monday-Friday) and by email
Transfer limit
No minimum or maximum

Sales and customer support representatives are available from Monday to Friday

1300 366 238

How FX International Payments for Business Works

It’s secure, convenient and rewarding

Get started with international payments

You don’t need to be an American Express Card Member to open an FX International Payments account.

Open an FX International Payments account from American Express® to enroll your business

1. Open an Account

Complete the application form to enrol your business in American Express FX International Payments. Once approved you’ll receive login information to start using our online platform.

Make international payments online with American Express® FX International Payments

2. Use the service

Log in to the online platform for access to live exchange rates and to make international payments. Need help? Dedicated customer support is just a call away.

In-depth reporting on your foreign currency wire payments online from FX International Payments

3. Track and report

Powerful reporting tools allow you to manage processing, tracking and reconciliation for all your foreign currency payments – online 24/7. We can confirm your transactions once they settle via email, for peace of mind.

Enjoy rewards for your outgoing wire transfers from American Express®

4. Enjoy a world of rewards

If you have an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards® program, FX International Payments can be even more rewarding. Simply link your Card by completing the registration form to earn Membership Reward points on eligible foreign exchange payments.2

Watch our video

Learn how American Express® FX International Payments is convenient, secure, and can be rewarding.

How FX International Payments can help your business

Make commercial international payments from American Express®

We have more than a century’s experience in supporting the international payments of businesses like yours.

Today, our international payments solution is convenient, secure and rewarding.

Our online platform is complemented by our commitment to deliver you a good relationship, rate and rewards.

Find out how we can help you

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Make International Payments

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