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Welcome to Business Masterclass

American Express is proud to bring you the Business Masterclass, which will provide you with a selection of recordings and articles from Dale Beaumont and his Business Blueprint team. By accessing these insightful and educational materials you'll discover breakthrough strategies to help grow your business faster than ever before. 

Who is Dale?

Dale Beaumont is the founder and CEO of Business Blueprint, Australia’s fastest growing business education company.

Dale is also the author and publisher of 16 best-selling books, which have collectively sold over a quarter of a million copies. Incredibly, 11 of those 16 books were published in a single year. 

As a result of Dale’s success, he has been interviewed on Sunrise, Today Show, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Ten News, ABC Radio, Radio 2UE as well as being featured in over 100 newspapers and magazines, including Wealth Creator, My Business Magazine, AFR Boss and Virgin’s In-flight magazine.

For more information about Dale Beaumont or to attend one of his free business seminars visit:


Five principles for keeping your customer service on track

Great customer service offers huge rewards. Yet with so much on the small business owner’s plate, it often gets neglected. Follow the five principles below to help improve your customer service focus and achieve your business goals faster

1. Be Present 

As business owners, our heads are full of things we need to do. However, the first step to great customer service is to be present. That is, not thinking about what you've just done or what you need to do next, but instead focusing only on the person in front of you. It’s simple but it makes people feel appreciated and they’ll love you for it.

2. Ask Questions

Be genuinely interested in customers, rather than show off your knowledge. “What made you come into our store?” or “When it comes to a home printer (for example), what's important to you?” Once a person feels understood and that you can offer the right advice, the sale will take care of itself.

3. Match Energy 

Great customer service is about being willing to adapt your approach. People like people like themselves, so if the customer is talking loud and fast, attempt to do the same. If they’re calm and more centred, slow down. Allow your customers to guide the type of service they want from you.

4. Discuss Constantly

It’s important to discuss customer service in every meeting. Ask everyone to share their best customer service experience of the week. People will become more conscious of their interactions and over time they'll have plenty of positive stories to share.

5. Recognise Effort

What gets recognised gets done’. Consider introducing a ‘Customer Service Champion’ staff award. Make it special – staff will get competitive and will strive to achieve it. More importantly, it will keep them conscious about feeding back customer service stories – which is great training for the rest of the team. 

Business is a juggling act, and customer service is one ball you can’t afford to drop.


How Customer Service is critical to your business growth

At a live Business Blueprint event, entrepreneur, Iven Frangi reveals the importance of customer service and the tips for creating a positive customer experience. 

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