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Market Your Business

Effective marketing is key to attracting and retaining customers, but it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. That’s why American Express has developed ‘Market Your Business’ – a suite of tools and resources designed to compliment your existing marketing efforts, and help you grow your business.

To learn about planning a new marketing campaign for your business, download our free guide 'Step by Step ideas for Planning a marketing campaign' to get your marketing campaign off the ground.

Developing a website
These days it almost goes without saying that every business needs a web presence. If you don’t have a website, you will almost certainly be missing out on potential customers who are looking for businesses like yours. 

For a general overview of how digital marketing can help your business, download our free guide here.

Marketing Your Website
If you’ve already got a website, it is important that you ensure you are marketing it correctly. Whilst large numbers of visits to your site are great, it will all be in vain if the people visiting are not your target audience.

Exclusive offers for American Express merchants

No one knows your business like you do. Whether you need to set-up a website or get more customers clicking, American Express has partnered with Netregistry to provide exclusive offers and tailored solutions for American Express merchants to help your business get setup or grow online.

Discover which option best suits your business. Save up to 40% on online solutions plus receive your first three months free for online store setup.

Plus, as part of the value of accepting American Express you also receive a complimentary 30 minute business consultation with an online NetRegistry expert and can download some great e-books for free!

Click here to view all these exclusive Netregistry offers.

Social media and networking sites are becoming increasingly popular, with hundreds of millions of people accessing them daily around the world. This rapid uptake gives business owners the ability to have conversations and build relationships with new and existing customers like never before. For a general overview of how social media can help your business, download our free guide to social media guide here.

With over 1 billion monthly active users¹ around the world, Facebook is clearly the most popular social network, and many large brands already use Facebook pages to have conversations with their customers. But Facebook isn’t just for big business. Thousands of small businesses the world over have used the platform to promote themselves more effectively. Click here to get started and set up a Facebook page of your own. It’s fast, easy and free.

Once you’ve set up your Facebook page, you can now begin having conversations with your customers and you can even use your page to serve them special offers. If used effectively, these can not only keep your current customers loyal, but word of mouth could spread virally when they share these offers with their friends on Facebook. 

With more than 500 million active users² worldwide, Twitter is fast becoming known as the place where news breaks first. It can therefore be an effective medium to keep customers informed on what’s new at your business, any special offers you may have, or even a way for them to provide feedback and spread the word on your behalf.

A Twitter account is free to set up and Tweets are free to send and receive. We’ve put together a short video that talks you through the basics of Twitter, as the thought of it may seem daunting at first. For more in depth information on how to get started, and to get the most out of this exciting and fast-growing platform, check out the Small Business Guide to Twitter.

In recent times, it seems as though each year is tipped to be” the year of mobile”, but this is more likely to be true in the next couple of years than ever before. This is not just because of the level of Smartphone and tablet penetration in the market, but because of the way these devices are being used to consume content.

By 2014-2015 it is predicted that more internet content will be consumed via mobile devices than by desktops. So what does this mean for your business? Quite simply, it could mean that all your hard work to build and maintain a website could come undone if it is not mobile optimised... and you could be losing 50% of your potential audience as a result.³

For many small businesses, local trade is the lifeblood of their success. We’ve put together a free guide to local area marketing, which offers you step-by-step ideas for promoting your business locally.

Why not compliment this by downloading one of our Geodemographic Data reports*? Understanding the types of people who live in your area, the kinds of jobs they work in, as well as their family compositions and preferred transportation methods can all put you ahead of your competitors.

*Access via the secure dashboard, American Express does not provide Personally Identifiable Information about any individual and provide aggregated, depersonalised information only. American Express does not utilise or disclose specific data associated with any merchant for the benefit of another merchant and or other third party unless permitted by law.

Have you heard what they’re saying about your business?

Thanks to social media, it’s never been easier for your customers to share their opinions with the world. This may be fine when opinions are positive, but what about when a customer has something negative to say about you, your business, or your service?  

Through social media, opinions can be liked, shared, tweeted and retweeted. But in most cases this isn't what’s intended, as generally people who take the time to provide you with feedback actually do so because they care and want to help.Now there’s a way for your business to receive glowing feedback or constructive criticism in an easy, discrete and personal way, helping you to improve your service and products and ensure the overall satisfaction of your customers.

24% of Australians will refuse to do business with a company that provides poor service1.

Understanding your customer is always right

American Express has partnered with – an online customer feedback platform that will provide your business with a direct line of communication to your customers,before they turn to social media. Through Yabbit, your customers can help improve your business by providing valuable, real-time feedback via their mobile device or PC.

Valuable feedback is just three steps away:

1. Your customers can scan the QR code at your point of sale or go to where they can quickly search for your business.
2. They submit feedback based on their experience.
3. Feedback is sent straight to you, the registered Service Owner, to then respond at a time that suits via email or your mobile device.

Yabbit is your opportunity to connect with customers when it matters the most.

The majority of consumers are willing to spend up to 12% more with businesses that they feel provide excellent customer service2.

Introducing your complimentary Yabbit service, brought to you exclusively from American Express until 4 March 2014.

A partnership with Yabbit* sends a strong message to your customers that you care about them and their experience. Yabbit is available as a complimentary service to single-site businesses that accept American Express, providing unlimited feedback from your customers until 4 March 2014. Yabbit is valued at up to $100 per month^. All you have to do is register and start listening.

Register now at

* Businesses registering for Yabbit will do so under Yabbit’s Terms and Conditions.
^ Yabbit is available to businesses outside of Australia that do not accept American Express, and fees of up to $100 per month (or the equivalent) apply.
12012 American Express GlobalCustomer Service Barometer
22012 American Express GlobalCustomer Service Barometer

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1 Source: Facebook October 2012 
2 Source: Mediabistro Feb 2012 
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