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Why American Express

Expand & Enhance Attract and Access Cardmembers to increase Your Revenue

Expand & Enhance: Through digital pressence and enhancing your business knowledge and education

American Express is a proud supporter of our Merchant’s businesses. As a Merchant in our network, we are dedicated to helping you expand and enhance your business through resources, knowledge, products and expertise that help in expanding your business and achieving your goals..

We understand that many Merchants are now faced with new challenges in their business from the emerging global digital economy. From general transaction management to complete e-commerce solutions, American Express is committed to supporting you in taking the first steps to establishing or growing your digital presence.

American Express also recognises that we are constantly learning and growing in business and as such we offer resources and expertise to help enhance your knowledge. One way we do this is providing you with unique insights analysing a wealth of spending data to spot trends and provide insights that others cannot – in complimentary Customer Characteristics Analysis3. This aggregated data can provide an understanding of customers and their buying behaviour, potentially helping to boost sales through more efficient marketing efforts. We will continue to refine and build products and services to help you expand and enable you to do more business.

Take advantage of our products and expertise to help further develop and streamline your business, from optimising cash flow to enabling greater efficiency in payments and processing.

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'How to' Guides

Market Your Business Guides are a practical soft copy marketing “how to guides” for social, mobile, local and online.  

The guides are complimentary to all merchants and are designed to offer merchants invaluable information in putting together effective online and offline marketing campaigns.  

To access the Market your Business Guides, please click here

Terms & Conditions

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