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Why American Express

Grow Attract and Access Cardmembers to increase Your Revenue

Grow: Attract and Access Cardmembers to increase Your Revenue

American Express recognises that attracting and retaining customers is the number one priority to building and growing a successful business. As an accepting Merchant of American Express you have access to the right customers - ones that spend more and more often - and the right programs and resources to not only attract but importantly keep them coming back. And that means more profit and opportunities for you.

Did you know?
The average American Express Card member spends 64% more on credit cards per month than other cardholders1 and has a personal income 26% higher than that of non-American Express cardholders1 83% are enrolled and actively engaged in our rewards program1 More than one in two (51%) would be influenced in their choice of where to shop or dine by American Express acceptance1 60% find out about American Express acceptance by looking for Point-of-Purchase (POP) material before entering the store - by choosing to display the complimentary Point of Purchase signage maximises your potential to attract our high-spending and loyal Cardmembers.

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Through a partnership with Yabbit, a brand new online customer feedback platform, American Express merchants in Australia can hear what their customers really think about them – the good and the bad – and respond directly to their feedback, before their customers turn to social media or their favourite ratings review site.

For more information and to register, please visit


Order your complimentary Point of Purchase materials^ or download our logos for use on your website, catalogues, and invoices through our online store.

Register or login now to the Merchant Dashboard to order your Point of Purchase Materials. Please ensure you have your American Express Merchant number and delivery details ready.

Terms & Conditions

1. Source: Card Usage and Attitude Survey (CUAS) Australia 2011
2. Source: American Express Annual Report 2011
3. Source: American Express Annual Report 2011
4. Source: American Express Annual Report 2011

^ Subject to availability. Please note:
a)  You may only use American Express logos and Point of Purchase materials if you have a valid Card Acceptance Agreement with American Express.
b)  If you want to use any American Express trademarks, signs, symbols, or logos in your advertising, please email us for permission at
c)  Please do not modify the American Express logo in any way.
d)  Where displaying the American Express logo with those of other card issuers, please ensure our logo receives at least equal prominence.
e)  All Point of Purchase materials are subject to availability.

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