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Earn bonus points and support local businesses with American Express Local Champion.

American Express cardholders can now pick up bonus points on everyday expenses with the launch of the Local Champion initiative. Built into the American Express App and available to iPhone and Android users, the Local Champion is a bonus points accelerator game that allows rewards card holders to pick up extra points at participating local businesses. When you sign up to Local Champion through the Amex app, you’ll get the chance to battle it out against other AMEX users to secure the title and pick up bonus points at your local stores.

Designed to raise awareness of where you can use your American Express card locally, the Local Champion feature within the AMEX app can help you make the most of your Card membership. Discover how the app function works and how you can pick up bonus points below.

How does the Local Champion game work?
As the Local Champion game is built into the American Express app, you can play for free. To increase your rewards potential, follow these tips:

  • Select local stores. You can select up to 10 local and participating retailers to play. The app will recommend places based on previous purchases and your location, helping you rack up bonus points easier.
  • Compete. As you spend with your AMEX card at your chosen retailers, you’ll be competing with other users. The card member with the highest number of transactions at any of the partnered retailers within a rolling 30-day period will be crowned the local champion. However, as soon as someone exceeds your number of spends with that merchant, you’ll lose the title. The App LC dashboard notifies you of the competition, quick wins and once you’ve secured or lost the local champion title.
  • Bonus points. If you’re dubbed the winner, you’ll be awarded one extra bonus point per $1 spent at the retailer for as long as you hold the title. If you’re using an accelerated earn card like Platinum Edge, you’ll pick up 4 points per $1 spent in supermarkets. Each cardholder gets the chance to earn up to 10,000 bonus points across their 10 retailers.
    The Local Champion game is available across retail, dining, entertainment and service industries, meaning you have the potential to compete for the title at a wide range of places where you shop each week.


How can I register my card to the local champion app?

  1. Open or Download the App for iPhone or Android. When you open your American Express app, click the menu button and select ‘Local Champion’.
  2. Register card. You’ll be asked to register your card through one-click. If you have more than one American Express card, you can register each Card to increase your ability to earn points.
  3. Select retailers. You’ll then be asked to select your top 10 stores. You can either search for participating stores or browse through AMEX’s suggestions based on your recent purchases and location. Please note that online retailers aren’t included.


Which cards are eligible?
Main American Express cards enrolled in the Membership Rewards program, Qantas American Express card and Velocity American Express cards are all eligible for the Local Champion. However, David Jones cards, Small Business cards and Corporate cards are all currently excluded from the program. 

Which features should I take advantage of?
Earning your bonus points and securing that Local Champion title will be much easier if you understand how these features of the app work:

  • Local champion tracker. The app will keep track of yours and your competitors’ purchases, so you’ll be able to see how many more transactions you need to make to reach local champion status.
  • Transaction history. The app is an easy way to keep track of how much you’re spending at your local and most frequently visited stores.
  • Special offers. American Express customers can also take advantage of exclusive cash back offers through the app. You can filter your offers by your using your location to grab deals near you or by events such as AMEX’s Shop Small and other promotions such as Spend & Get at Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, T2, Country Road.


Not only is the Local Champion app an innovative way to earn bonus points on your regular purchases, it’s also an easy way to discover which of your local restaurants, cafes and retailers accept your AMEX card. So what are you waiting for? Download the American Express app from the App Store or Google Play and let the battle for the Local Champion begin!

This article first appeared at on 23 May 2016.