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“A bus, a jostling crowd - I didn’t feel a thing, but before I knew it my wallet was gone. My carefully planned holiday was in shreds.  But with one call, I was back on track. American Express organised an emergency replacement card, told me not to worry about any losses on my account and assured me it would all be OK. Suddenly everything started to look rosier.”

Your American Express® Card could be the most useful thing to take on any journey. Even if it's stolen, help is just a phone call away. We’ll aim to get a replacement Card to you as soon as possible. And with our Fraud Protection Guarantee* as long as you’ve taken reasonable care any fraudulent charges are our problem, not yours.

Safe and Secure

Our Personal Cards' global fraud and consumer protection systems are designed for real life -whatever extraordinary shape yours takes.  Find out more about how you're protected.

Fraud Protection
Should the worst happen, you're protected.  There's no need to worry unnecessarily.

Travel back-up
Travel with the power of our global network behind you and your family.  We're here for you if you need emergency help or assistance

Consumer protection
Access your account details, quickly and easily, whenever you need to, through Online Services and Card Alerts.  If you suspect suspicious transactions, simply notify us - we're on your side.

Lost or stolen Card?

Simply call: 1300 132 639 from Australia or +612 9271 8664 from overseas

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Safe and Secure FAQs for additional information about how we protect you