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Contactless mobile payments – the most secure way to pay.

Link your American Express® Card on Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay, and you can use contactless technology to pay with your connected devices in confidence, knowing you have four layers of protection to keep your Account safe.

Four layers
of protection


Secure device

Whether it’s biometric data like a thumbprint or faceprint, or a personal PIN, no one can use your device to pay without authorisation.


Encrypted details

Your Card details are never stored on your device.

Encrypted details


Every mobile payment is authorised directly by American Express.


The industry calls it
You can call it
‘safe as’.

With mobile payments, your Card details are never stored on your phone. Instead, we generate a random 15-digit ID (called a token) that is shared with merchants. It’s the key to your account, but only American Express can actually use it.

Here’s how it works.


Mobile payments, the most
secure way to pay.

See how tokens keep your transactions safe.

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Play video

Fraud Protection and alerts
Animated notification
Notification summary Message notification

Fraud Protection and alerts

Like most Card transactions, using mobile payments to pay with American Express means you and your money are covered by our fraud protection promise.

Our advanced fraud alerts can detect unusual activity, and notify you by SMS if we spot something out of the ordinary, or even if someone else is trying to add your Card to their device.

For added peace of mind, you can also set up everyday payment alerts, so you’ll always know when a payment has been made on your account.


You’re always ready for the unexpected.


Lost your Card?

Don’t wait for a replacement.

If you ever lose your American Express Card, and have mobile payments set up, you won’t have to wait for a new Card to arrive. We simply generate a new token for your device, linked to your new Card details, and you can start using mobile payments again right away.


Lost your phone?

Switch devices easily.

If the phone or tablet you use for mobile payments is ever lost or stolen, you’ll also be able to quickly set up mobile payments linked to your account on another device right away.

For added protection, Apple, Samsung or Android devices can easily be wiped remotely to remove any payment details stored on them.


That’s why mobile payments are the
most secure way to pay.

Explore the benefits
of mobile payments

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