Commute with
American Express


How does it work?


Skip the queue and tap with your American Express Card.

Your American Express® Card can pay for a standard (peak) Adult Opal fare on all Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink Intercity Opal services, Sydney Ferries and light rail services.

You don’t even have to do anything as your Card is already activated. Simply tap your American Express Card or mobile wallet on the Opal reader and go.

Just remember to tap off with the same Card or device so you’re charged the correct fare.



Who would have thought commuting could be so rewarding?

Land and go

Don’t have an Opal Card? You can now use your American Express Card to tap on the Airport Link and get going straight away.

Everyday Rewards

Use your Card for trains, ferries and light rail and earn points each time. Also, be sure to look out for some great offers we have coming in 2019.


We're all about making your journey easier, so if you already use a mobile wallet or wearable you can tap on and off with these too.


Tapping with your Card is as safe and secure as any other payment you make with your Card. Plus, your trips are covered by fraud protection1 giving you more peace of mind.


How to use?


Benefits and restrictions




Which Cards to use?