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American Express Low Rate

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American Express® Low Rate

Great rates on new purchases for 6 months.

It's credit with a twist.

From must have purchases to those 'once in a lifetime' bargains, American Express Low Rate can help you buy the things you need now.

You can save with a low rate on all purchases with your American Express Card for six months. So start making those must have purchases today.

How Low Rate works

We'll let you know when a Low Rate offer is available on your eligible American Express Card. Then you simply need to log in to switch it on.

Once you do, the low interest rate specified in the communication to you will apply to all new purchases you make for the next six months.

Low Rate Calculator

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Low Rate interest rate
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Low rate

3.99% p.a.

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American Express Credit Card

Looking for a Credit
Card with
a great
ongoing low rate?

Check out the American Express Essential® Credit Card. With a low 14.99% p.a. interest rate, Membership Rewards and complimentary Smartphone Screen Insurance, it's a feature packed Card rewarding free thinkers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do any fees apply to enrol?

Do any fees apply to enrol?

A: There are currently no fees or charges to enrol into the Low Rate offer.

Will any Supplementary Card Members on my account be able to use this offer?

Will any Supplementary Card Members on my account be able to use this offer?

A: They sure can. Once you've enrolled your eligible Card, any purchase made on either your Card or any Supplementary Cards linked to your account will have the low interest rate applied to them.

How do I know I've been successfully enrolled for this offer?

How do I know I've been successfully enrolled for this offer?

A: If you've enrolled online, you'll be shown a confirmation page which means the offer has been activated on your account. If you've enrolled over the phone, we'll send you a letter to confirm your enrolment. Your monthly statement will also show the promotional interest rate has been applied to your account.

Questions about Low Rate ?

Our Customer Service Experts can help you with any questions you may have about Low Rate or your American Express Card.

Call us on 1300 132 639.

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Terms & Conditions

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Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the American Express Credit Card Conditions and successful enrolment, a promotional low interest rate (the 'Offer') as stipulated in the invitation to you, will apply for all new purchases charged to your Account for 6 months from when we confirm your Offer enrolment. If you enrol over the phone, refer to the date noted in your enrolment confirmation. If you enrol online, please ensure the “Thank You” page loads successfully to confirm your enrolment. If you enrol online on a Saturday, the Offer will commence the next day (i.e. Sunday).

The Offer is only valid for the Card Account stipulated on the invitation we have sent you and any Supplementary Cards linked to that Account.

This Offer does not change the interest rate on your existing balance at the time you enrol, which may be higher than the promotional rate. When the Offer ends, your entire purchase balance will be subject to the standard purchase rate. The Offer does not apply to cash advances, Balance Transfers, charges for travellers cheques, fees or commissions, as these are not purchases.

American Express Australia Limited (ABN 92 108 952 085) ® Registered Trademark of American Express Company. Australian Credit Licence No. 291313.