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How American Express Gave Aussie Tax Returns The Trading Edge


Aussie Tax Returns has a diverse client base, ranging from working holidaymakers to corporates. Their promise to clients is to maximise each individual circumstance for the best results. After some initial hesitation, they made the switch to American Express Foreign Exchange International Payments. And in their own words:


"Since day one, it's been fantastic".


Find out what has Rubens and Lisa from Aussie Tax Returns, raving about American Express – and what dedicated one-to-one support has meant for their business.

Lisa & Reubens - Aussie Tax returns

Lisa & Reubens - Aussie Tax returns

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(0:09) Hi there. I'm Lisa Mitchell and I'm the Director of Business and Development for Aussie Tax Returns.


(0:13) My name is Rubens Moreira De Lima. I'm the Managing Director of Aussie Tax Returns.


(0:18) Our core point of difference at Aussie Tax Returns is that we treat no two financial situations the same. We specialise in such a range of diverse client bases and a lot of our competition really does just focus on one particular client base, but we do everything from student tax returns, through to working holiday makers, right through to Australian citizens and companies.


(0:41) The reason why we started to work for American Express is because their rates are much more competitive. Our clients can get their money much quicker and because we have a very big range of clients from America to Asia, American Express are able to supply us with this service. The clients are getting their money much faster and, plus, having a Relationship Manager who understands our business make everything easier for us.


(1:03) We've currently been utilising American Express' services for just over four months now and I have to say, since day one, it has been fantastic. American Express' systems are so much more streamlined and hassle free. They've been able to make things faster for both our clients, which is wonderful, and also for us internally as a company. They've just eliminated so many other little processes that we've had to go through.


(1:27) And having that Relationship Manager that is not only somebody who you can call, but it's actually a friend. Somebody that can call you every month and tell you, "What can we do better, how can we simplify your process," and that's what we really need and that's what we get from American Express.


(1:43) So I would definitely say that American Express does give Aussie Tax Returns a trading edge.




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