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Creating a Payment with AccessLine

How to set up payees quickly and easily and make payments using American Express AccessLine®.

Cross border payments just got simpler with American Express AccessLine. With AccessLine, you can pay virtually any supplier, anywhere in the world, even if they don’t accept card payments.

Plus, you could benefit from improved cashflow with up to 51 days to pay1, and you can earn Membership Rewards points on all Card spend2.

Creating a Payee with AccessLine

Login to the FX International Payments online platform using your username and password:


  • 1Go to the Manage Payees tab and select Manage Payees.

  • 2Select the Create tab at the top of the Manage Payees screen.

  • 3Tick the box Enable Payee for AccessLine.

  • 4Fill in all mandatory payee information in the sections provided, including the payee’s email for receiving confirmation.

  • 5Upload a valid invoice. Once the invoice is uploaded, a ‘successful’ notification will appear on screen.

  • 6Fill in the payee’s bank details. Click on Search for Bank and fill in Bank Country, IBAN, Swift Code or Routing Code (you should be able to find these details on your payee’s invoice). Select the correct bank and the information will autofill in the sections required. Make sure to fill in any remaining mandatory fields not complete.

  • 7Click Create Payee button. You will be notified that your request to create a payee has been submitted for review. The payee approval process normally takes around 2 business days. If your new payee request has not been approved after 2 business days, you can reach out to us via the contact details on your FXIP online platform home page for more updates. To check if your AccessLine payee has been approved, visit the View/Modify tab on the Manage Payee page, select your payee, confirm that the Enable Payee for AccessLine box is ticked and if the payee has been approved, the Payee ID will be visible.

    Download Creating AccessLine Payees PDF Guide

Steps to enter payee details by adding the payees - personal and bank details.
Steps to enter payee details by adding the payees - personal and bank details.
Steps to enter payee details by adding the payees - personal and bank details.

Make a Payment with AccessLine

Now that you’ve set up an AccessLine payee, you can now begin to make streamlined payments using AccessLine.


  • 1Go to the Create a Payment tab on the Home Page.

  • 2To request a quote, fill out the transaction details as below:

    1. Choose Telegraphic Transfer from the Product drop-down menu.
    2. Select the currency you want to send from the Payment Currency drop-down menu, then enter the amount you want to send.
    3. Select whether the Amount is in Foreign Currency or Local Equivalent. For example, if you would like to send $1,000 US Dollars, select Foreign Currency. If you would like to send AUD$1,000 worth of US Dollars, select AUD Equivalent.
    4. Select American Express Card as the Settlement Method. A drop-down menu will highlight the registered Card options from which to select.
    5. Press the Quote button
    6. The Transaction Quote summary appears in the windows. A Trade Service Fee applies for transactions settled with AccessLine3.

  • 3Complete payment details:

    1. Select your business as the Ordering Customer (if applicable).
    2. Select approved AccessLine Payee from the list - Note; a new AccessLine Payee can’t be created on this page.
    3. Write Notes for the payment to;
      1. Your recipient company.
      2. Yourself for future tracking.

  • 4Complete the payment by pressing the Accept button. You will get a notification that your payment is complete with the reference number and an option to print or save a copy of the transaction.

That completes the process and your funds are on their way.

Download Creating AccessLine Payments PDF Guide

How to Create a Payment with AccessLine

Here’s a quick video to take you through how to create a payee and make a payment with AccessLine in real time.

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