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Schedule Global Payments

The American Express® FX International Payments Payment Scheduling tool allows you to pre-plan payments so that funds are automatically sent to a specified payee according to your chosen schedule. All you need to do is select how to pay for the transactions, who your payee is, and how often and for how long you want the payments to be made.

Creating a Payment Schedule


To access Schedule Payments, go to Create & Manage Payments > Schedule Payments, then:


  • 1Choose Outgoing Telegraphic Transfer or Outgoing Draft from the Product drop-down menu.

  • 2Select the currency you want to send your beneficiary from the Payment Currency drop-down menu.

  • 3Enter the Payment Amount you want to send.

Create a payment schedule, select the payment method and make global payments via wire transfers or drafts.
  • 4Specify whether you want your beneficiary to receive the Local/Settlement Currency Equivalent of the amount you’ve entered, or whether you want them to receive the amount in the Foreign Currency you’ve selected.

  • 5Choose how you want to pay for the transaction from the Settlement Method drop-down menu. If applicable, select the appropriate Account Number.

  • 6Choose whether you want the payments to occur weekly, monthly or annually from the Frequency of Payment drop-down menu.

  • 7Select whether to continue the payment schedule until further notice, or choose the expiry date or number of installments from the Continuing Until drop-down menu.

  • 8Enter the Value Date of First Payment by clicking the appropriate date in the pop-up calendar.

  • 9If you choose to continue until expiry date, you will also need to enter the Expiry Date of Last Payment.

  • 10If you choose a number of installments, you’ll need to indicate the Number Of Payments and Expiry Date of Last Payment.

Entering Payment Details for the Payee


You must also enter the information for the payee receiving the payment. To do so, either Select from Existing Payee List or Create a Payee.


  • 1To select from the existing list, simply search or scroll and click on the appropriate one; the information fields on the right will be automatically populated.

  • 2To create a new payee, manually enter the information in the fields on the right.

Enter the payee details from an existing payee list or create a new payee to schedule a payment.

Creating a Payment Schedule


Once you have entered all mandatory information:


  • 1Click Create Payment Schedule in the lower right of the page – you will then see a Schedule Summary.

  • 2If you would like to continue with the payment schedule, select Accept. You will see a message confirming that the payment schedule has been created, and a Schedule Reference number.

  • 3The payments will then appear in the Future Dated Filter in the Approve a Payment section, where it can be approved (some clients only). Fore more details, view the Approving a Payment tutorial.

  • 4The approved payment will automatically be sent as per the chosen schedule, using the exchange rate at the time of transaction (which may be different from the unconfirmed rate).

Check your Payment Schedule summary after you are done with entering all the mandatory details.

View/Modify a Payment Schedule


By clicking the View/Modify a Payment Schedule tab, you can access a list of your existing payment schedules.


If you would like to delete or modify an existing Payment Schedule, you can do so by selecting the appropriate payment in the Select column. Then click Delete or View in the lower right of the page.


If you clicked View, you will be able to alter the payment schedule details. Alter the options displayed on the screen as needed, ensuring that all mandatory fields are answered. Click Modify, then Save Changes.

The American Express payment scheduling tool provides you the flexibility to view and modify your payment schedules.

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