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Access Method means the use of any one or more of the following methods by a Cardmember to make an Electronic Charge from their Account. Note: this does not include a method requiring a Cardmember's manual signature, for verification, so does not apply to signed vouchers.

Additional Card means a separate Card issued in the name of a Basic Cardmember.

Account means your Card account with us for the Basic Card, Additional Cards (if applicable) and all Supplementary Cards.

Account Number means a unique number assigned to a customer. For Credit and Charge Cards this is the number that is embossed on the front of the Card and encoded on the plastic card.

Annual Percentage Rate (or APR) means the interest rate we charge on Charges. It is set out in the Financial Table issued to Cardmembers upon approval of their Credit or Charge Card. The APR may change from time to time

Authorisation American Express may require Charges to be authorised by us before they are accepted by a Merchant. Authorisations are done by telephone or electronically at the time a purchase is being made.


Balance Transfer means a transfer of the outstanding balance of a credit card with another financial institution to an American Express Credit Card Account, in accordance with Section 10 of the Credit Card Conditions.*

Basic Cardmember means the person who applied for the Account and has asked us to issue one or more Cards. *Available for enrolled Cardmembers only

Cash Advance the ability to access a percentage of a Credit Card's Credit Limit (as set out in the Financial Table) by way of Cash Advances, subject to a Credit Card Account's available credit. Subject to the Cash Advance Facility Conditions of Use. This service is available for enrolled Cardmembers only.

Charge means a transaction made with a Credit or Charge Card or charged to an American Express Card Account, including a Cash Advance, purchase, fees and charges, interest, taxes and all other amounts a Cardmember has agreed to pay American Express or be liable for under the Card Conditions.

Credit Card means the Basic Credit Card and each Supplementary Credit Card.

Code means a PIN, Express Access telephone code and Online Services password.

Conditions means American Express Charge and Credit Card Conditions and includes the Financial Tables.

Credit Limit means the credit limit applied to an American Express Credit Card Account in the Financial Table.



Data Encryption Standard (DES) - DES. A cryptographic algorithm adopted by the National Bureau of Standards for data security. The algorithm encrypts or decrypts 64 bits of data using a 56-bit key. See also Triple DES.

Data Integrity - Measures to prevent unauthorized alteration of data.

Electronic Charge means a Charge obtained using an Access Method through Electronic Equipment.

Electronic Draft Capture (EDC) - EDC is a point-of-sale terminal that reads the information encoded in the magnetic stripe of Cards. These terminals electronically authorise and capture transaction data.

Electronic Equipment means electronic terminals (e.g. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), EFTPOS terminals), computers, televisions and telephones.

Enciphering - Conversion of plain data into encrypted data (plaintext into ciphertext).

Encryption - Encryption is the process of disguising a message (using mathematical formulas called algorithms) in such a way as to hide its substance, a process of creating secret writing.

Encryption Key - When used in the context of encryption, a series of numbers which are used by an encryption algorithm to transform plaintext data into encrypted (ciphertext) data, and vice versa.

Financial Table means the Financial Table which is issued to an American Express Charge or Credit Cardmember upon approval of the Basic Card Account. It contains details of the Credit Limit and other information. It forms part of a contract with us.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)- HTTP is a client/server protocol for delivering hypertext material across an internet. HTTP is stateless: when a client makes multiple requests to a single HTTP server, each request is treated independently. HTTP servers do not remember the earlier requests. The stateless protocol allows HTTP servers to respond to requests quickly.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Secure) - A variant of HTTP for handling secure transactions. Browsers that support the URL access method, "https", connect to HTTP servers using SSL. "https" is a unique protocol that is simply SSL underneath HTTP. Use "https://" for HTTP URLs with SSL and "http://" for HTTP URLs without SSL. The default "https" port number is 443.

ISP - Internet Service Provider

Merchant means a business or organisation which accepts the Credit Card.

Merchant Agreement - A written agreement between a merchant and American Express containing their respective rights, duties, and warranties with respect to acceptance of the Card and matters related to the Card activity.

Over Limit Amount means any amount debited to an American Express Credit Card Account exceeding the Credit Limit.

PIN means Personal Identification Number issued by American Express or selected by a Cardmember in relation to a Card.

Supplementary Cardmember means a person to whom a Supplementary Card is issued.

Supplementary Card means an American Express Card issued to another person at a Basic Cardmember's request and which is on the Basic Cardmember's Account.

Terminal Id - a number provided to a merchant by a credit card processor when that merchant retains the services of that credit card processor to uniquely identify a terminal. Also sometimes called the terminal number. A credit card processor may assign several terminal IDs to a given merchant's terminals although that merchant has a single merchant ID with that processor.

Unauthorised Electronic Charges means an Electronic Charge not authorised by a Basic Cardmember or the Supplementary Cardmember. It does not apply to any transaction carried with the knowledge and consent of the Basic or Supplementary Cardmember.

User Id - The identity of the person authorised to log on to the system.