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Access business insights and educational materials to propel your business forward, from consumer point of sale to enterprise e-commerce.

Apple Pay is here

Read the latest about American Express with Apple Pay.

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Optimising Your Presence Online through Google My Business

Learn how to get your business on Google Search and Maps for free in under 15 minutes.

David Koch's Trends for Small Business

The Sunrise and Kochie's Business Builders host was a guest speaker at the American Express Shop Small Event.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Tips

Digital Marketing and Social Media Expert Yvonne Adele was a guest speaker at the Shop Small Events.

Efficient Email Strategies

Email is a fantastic resource, but can also be a huge time killer. To make it work more efficiently in your favour, follow these five easy steps.

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By What's the Bottom Line on the Bottom Line

Here's what you should know about the bottom line and how it can determine your true success. By Andrew J. Sherman.

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How contactless pay is shaping the future of retail

As consumers abandon cash, contactless pay is gaining traction. So what might a cashless society look like, and what will it mean for small businesses?

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Five ways great SEO can spell success for your e-commerce business

A strong SEO strategy can mean the difference between e-commerce success and failure. Here’s what you can do to get your website climbing those search engine rankings.

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Five ways to avoid high employee turnover

For any successful business, retaining talent is essential. We offer five top tips for companies looking to keep their best people on board..

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FAQ: A beginner’s guide to online marketing

For many small businesses, digital engagement can mean the difference between success and failure. So what do you need to know to get started in online marketing?

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Why traditional marketing still has a place in the digital age

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it’s easy to discount traditional marketing methods. Here’s why smart businesses aren’t making that mistake.

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Five cost-effective ways to improve staff motivation

Improving staff motivation is key to reducing employee attrition rates and the steep associated costs. Here’s how to motivate your team without busting your budget.

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10 things to consider before setting up in e-commerce

Selling over the internet isn’t as simple as setting up an e-store and waiting for the cash roll in. Here are 10 things to consider before moving into digital retail.

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FAQ: Understanding the basics of cybersecurity

As cybercrime rates increase, small businesses can no longer ignore mounting cybersecurity threats.

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Five tried-and-tested ways to boost your online sales

If you’ve recently set up an online store but you’re finding it hard to get cash through the digital door, these five tips will help you drive sales in the competitive e-commerce marketplace.

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How employee incentives can keep your business healthy

There’s a direct link between staff happiness and productivity; that’s why it’s important to create a healthy work environment through employee incentives.

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Five marketing tips for businesses on a budget

Small businesses often think of marketing as an expensive luxury, but it shouldn't be. Here are five cheap, alternative methods to reach consumers on a budget.

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10 simple steps to build an effective social media marketing strategy

Social media success is well within the reach of SMEs in every sector. Here are 10 simple steps to help you succeed in the social sphere.

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Six reasons your business should start video marketing

Video marketing is vital for businesses today. Here's why you should be embracing this valuable marketing tool.

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FAQ: What you need to know before doing business in China

From cultural differences to foreign exchange and insurance, there are many factors to consider before entering the Asian marketplace. Here, we answer some of the biggest questions Australian merchants have on starting a business in China.

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Six ways to modernise your business website

Does your website look dated? From updating imagery to setting up a live customer chat, here are six ways to improve your online offering.

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Going digital: Why now is the time to start an online store

Launching an online store seems to be the trendy thing to do nowadays – and it's not just big retailers that can benefit from selling their goods and services over the internet.

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How to navigate the language barrier when doing business in Asia

When it comes to doing business in Asia, negotiating the language barrier is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Here, we outline the best ways to succeed in a foreign tongue.

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How social commerce could change the way we shop

As social media morphs into a direct sales tool, social commerce apps are offering innovative ways to reach customers.

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Online security: The financial dangers of e-commerce and how to avoid them

Online selling offers small businesses big opportunities, but it also comes with inherent risks. Here’s how to avoid some of e-commerce's financial dangers.

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Eight challenges of doing business in Asia (and how to meet them)

From hurdling cultural barriers to negotiating risks, entering the Asian marketplace can be tricky business. Here’s what you should keep in mind before making the leap.

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Six often overlooked complexities of selling online

Even if you're confident with technology, there are some complexities involved in getting set up in online retail that shouldn't be overlooked. From privacy policies to returns protocol, here are six things to bear in mind.

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Getting started: Which country is the best gateway to the Asian market?

From business services to e-commerce, Asia presents a lucrative opportunity for Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs) seeking global expansion. But where should you start?

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