Doe Offer Terms and Conditions | American Express

View Hotels

Spend $250 or more, get $50 back

Valid until 30/11/2020





  • Offer valid for payments made by 30/11/2020 directly in-person at the front desk of View Hotels properties.
  • Incidental spend is eligible if charged to your room during your stay and paid at the hotel front desk upon check-out (e.g. spend at hotel restaurants).
  • Not valid for payments made via third parties (including, but not limited to, travel agents, online aggregators or payment processors).
  • COVID-19 restrictions may affect the services available at some properties. Please check for more information.
  • Offer is limited to one credit per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
  • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-person only at View Hotels. Offer valid at Australian locations only. Excludes online purchases.
  • Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
  • Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
  • Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
  • Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
  • Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
  • Full Offer Terms available here.