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Card Fraud Protection

Shop with confidence – knowing you’re protected against fraud

Credit Card Fraud

This is the use of your Credit Card details by an unauthorised person. There are different ways in which this can happen, for example a fraudster may make a copy of your credit card details and use them for a transaction over the phone or online. Fraudsters can also trick people in to providing their credit card details by pretending there is an official reason for card details to be shared. Read on to find out what features are included in American Express Cards to protect you and how we detect Card fraud and scams.

Fraud Protection Guarantee

For added reassurance, our Fraud Protection Guarantee means you’ll never have to pay for unauthorised spending on your account1. The moment we are alerted to a fraud on your Card, our dedicated Security Centre team will quickly sort things out. For example, we'll credit your account in full and arrange a replacement Card with a new Card number.

Intelligent security

It’s all about patterns. Our intelligent security systems continually monitor your spending patterns for anything odd, helping to stop Credit Card fraud in its tracks. Your account is regularly scanned and if we detect something unusual, we’ll contact you right away to check it’s a purchase you made.

Secure payment system

In addition, whatever you buy online or in-store, at home or around the world, your transaction is processed through our secure payment system.

Emergency Card replacement

If you and your Card part company on your travels - whether through loss or theft - we'll get a replacement to you as soon as we possibly can (often within two working days).
Call 1300 132 639 from Australia or +612 9271 8664 from overseas

Global Assist

Your Card also comes with an invaluable 24-hour emergency helpline for you and your family wherever you are in the world*.

Our Global Assist service can help you locate lost luggage and find you a lawyer, interpreter or English-speaking doctor in a hurry. We can help provide prescription replacement assistance and arrange an urgent message relay if you need to reach someone back home.
Call our Global Assist Hotline representatives on reverse call charges from anywhere in the world on +612 9231 6517.


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Terms & Conditions

1. Provided that you do not contribute to or unreasonably delay reporting any misuse of your Account and you have complied with your Card Conditions, you will not be held liable for any unauthorised charges.

*Not all services are available in all locations and are subject to local laws.