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Helping keep you safe and secure with alerts


American Express helps to keep you one step ahead of fraudsters with a system of early warnings and ways to keep up-to-date with activity on your account.

Fraud Servicing Alerts

Because we get to know your spending patterns, we are able to notify you by text message or email as soon as our systems detect a transaction which looks unusual. Just one of the ways we’re looking out for you 24/7. When our advanced Fraud Controls spot suspicious activity on your account, they automatically trigger a text message or email to ask if you are aware of the transaction.
You simply reply by text to confirm the transaction was yours. Or if it wasn’t, call us back and we’ll look into it straightaway.
It’s important that you keep your contact details updated by logging in to your Online Services Account.

Account Alerts

There are a range of useful alerts you can choose from to stay on top of your account and you can let us know if you want to receive them on your mobile phone or by email. You can also place your account alerts on hold when you’re travelling or change the time zone they arrive in.
You can set up the following types of alert:

  • Balance updates

    Keep up-to-date with your account with weekly balance updates. You select the time and day of the week to receive your update.
  • Approaching your Card limit (applies to Credit Cards only)

    Stay informed as you approach your personal credit limit (does not apply to Charge Cards). You decide at what point in your balance you would like to receive your alert.
    You will need to register for Online Services to manage your account online before setting up your alerts.

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