How to Use Your American Express
Qantas Travel Credit


If your American Express® Card offers an annual Qantas Travel Credit, you can use this credit to put towards any domestic or international Qantas flight (i.e. a QF flight number on your ticket).

Just follow these easy steps to use your Qantas Travel Credit

Step 1: Log in


Log in to your American Express account. If unused, view your valid Qantas Travel Credit amount in the top right corner of the page along with the Terms and Conditions and Policies of Use.

Step 2: Search


Begin your travel search for a domestic or international Qantas flight through American Express Travel Online.

Step 3: Apply Credit


At checkout, redeem your Qantas Travel Credit by selecting the Travel Credit radio button. You may redeem one Travel Credit per booking

Step 4: Book Trip


Redeem your Qantas Travel Credit against your booking. Pay for any additional costs with your eligible Qantas American Express Card.

See where your Travel Credit can take you

More about your Qantas Travel Credit

Your Qantas Travel Credit is issued annually on the anniversary date that your account was opened. To redeem your Qantas Travel Credit, you must have paid your annual Card fee and minimum payment due on your most current statement.

Your Qantas Travel Credit can only be used in one single transaction and the remaining (unused) balance will be forfeited.

Keep in mind that if you cancel your travel booking, we will not be able to refund your Travel Credit.  

Your Qantas Travel Credit can be used towards any eligible international or domestic Qantas flight (i.e. a QF flight number on your ticket) booked and paid through American Express Travel online.

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