Use your Membership Rewards points1 and choose from one of our of top Gift Card2 partners.

iTunes Gift Card

12 drummers drumming.

"I've got my favourite drum solo on repeat thanks to my points and the Apple iTunes Gift Card I got with them."


Bunnings Gift Card

11 pipers piping.

"We managed to make the pool look new again with my points, and a trip to Bunnings."


Rebel Sport Gift Card

10 lords-a leaping.

"I don't know how to dribble or shoot a basketball, but I'm #1 with the grandkids after our trip to Rebel."


Coles Myer Gift Card

9 ladies dancing.

"We said farewell to last year and a good friend who moved overseas. I'm glad I could use my points to throw a great party for her."


Wish Gift Card

8 made for milking.

"I wasn't intending on getting one, but I had redeemed my points for a Gift Card and thought - why not a Milk Shake maker?"


Woolworths Gift Card

7 turkeys turning.

"The best part of the dinner wasn't the turkey - it was using my points to buy all the groceries."


Myer Gift Card

6 geese a-laying.

"Love a Boxing Day Sale, especially when all I need to use are my points."


Westfield Gift Card

5 golden rings.

"Picking up a wedding band replacement didn't seem so bad when I used my points. I'll definitely keep this one on!"


Harvey Norman Gift Card

4 calling birds.

"My teens all asked for a new mobile this year, but it didn't look likely on our budget, until I used my points for a Gift Card!"


Event Cinemas Gift Card

3 french lenses.

"A movie night with the whole family was a great way to use my points - and we're going again."


David Jones Gift Card

2 turtle doves.

"The kids got Nana a nice gift at David Jones using a Gift Card I got with my points"


Best Restaurants of Australia Gift Card

And a Partridge in a pear sauce.

"What a night. Great restaurant, great meal, and she said yes!"


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2nd prize: one of five $500 David Jones Gift Cards

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