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*This is an estimate. It is provided for illustrative purposes only. Click here for full balance transfer T&Cs
Calculator Assumptions
A credit plan establishment fee (1% of approved balance transfer amount) is charged on the American Express Card. You don’t make any other purchases or incur any other fees for the duration of the promotional period. Any annual card fee is excluded from this calculation The interest rate applying to your non-American Express credit card (from which your balance is transferring) will not change. You pay the minimum repayment of 2.5% of outstanding balance or $30 (whichever is higher) at the end of each month. ‘Your savings’ is based on interest saved on balance transfer only. Interest is calculated assuming there are 30 days in each month. The payment due date is assumed to be 30 days after the statement issue date. When there is no interest savings or a negative interest saving after the six month period the calculator will display $0.00.